Beyond the Office: 4 Ways to Network Remotely

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Beyond the Office: 4 Ways to Network Remotely

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One of the benefits of working in person is being able to easily network with colleagues because you have built a strong connection. While working from home has many benefits, it reduces the number of in-person networking opportunities. Building relationships with coworkers and establishing new connections with those you would typically network with can be challenging when working remotely. Because networking is an integral part of career advancement, it is essential to prioritize it, even in a remote environment. Trying to network remotely provides more opportunities than in-person networking because you can connect with individuals around the globe. Some ways to network when working remotely include attending virtual events, utilizing coworking spaces, group work, and social media. 

Attend virtual Events

Attending virtual events is a great way to network while working remotely. Over the last few years, virtual networking opportunities have become more popular, allowing professionals to connect with others in their industries across the globe. Many virtual events offer breakout rooms to communicate with other attendees, share experiences, and ask questions. Attending virtual events also allows you to hear keynote speakers in your field who you might have yet to have the opportunity to see in person. You can listen to them speak at the event and follow up with them through LinkedIn or email. It can also be beneficial to attend virtual networking events for a career you are interested in, learn more about that field, and connect with people who might help you achieve that goal.

Utilize coworking spaces

Utilizing coworking spaces is a great way to network with others while working remotely. By trying out a shared workspace with professionals from different companies, you can share ideas and build relationships that may benefit your career. Coworking spaces have a wide variety of professionals using the same space, so it can be an excellent opportunity to learn from others and stay current on what is happening in their industry. You will also meet new people, which could lead to new business opportunities and partnerships. Coworking spaces offer a sense of community you otherwise might not get when working remotely. If your office uses a hybrid work model, where you spend some days in the office and some days working remotely, be sure to make the most of the days when you are at the office. If your company uses a , switch up where you sit. Book a desk around different colleagues so you can network 

with new people you otherwise wouldn’t interact with in the workplace. 

Group work 

A great way to network with your colleagues when working remotely is group work. Like when your teachers would assign you a group to work with in high school for a history project, consider spending time with coworkers discussing a common goal or shared project. Working in a group with colleagues can allow you to learn from others and build connections that can lead to new opportunities. Collaborating with coworkers will enable you to learn from people with different skills and enhance your professional development. Consider offering virtual lunch breaks at work where coworkers can join a virtual meeting to have lunch together and get to know each other. This allows people to network and feel more comfortable in the workplace. 

Use social media

Social media is great to use when trying to network remotely. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to connect with other professionals and build global relationships. LinkedIn allows you to connect with others in your industry and join industry-specific groups. Frequently these groups will hold virtual events that teach skills or share industry-relevant news. This can be a unique opportunity to connect with others and lead to career advancement. Social media can be used to connect with influencers in your industry that you otherwise might not have the opportunity to connect with. To make the most of social media as a networking tool, actively engage with others. Liking or commenting on someone’s post could lead to a new job. Be professional and respectful when engaging with others on social media. While some people may post opinions that differ from yours, keep the conversation constructive and have a positive tone.

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