Best Software Product Ideas for 2021 and Beyond

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Check inspiring and promising digital project ideas for your new business. Learn how to turn an idea into a successful product.

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10 Great Software Development Project Ideas for 2021

Do you know what digital products will be successful in 2021 and beyond?

The best place to start is by coming up with a unique, interesting, and competitive idea that will have a chance for success.

This article overviews some of the most exciting software development project ideas for 2021. You can either try and build such products yourself or hire a company providing like MLSDev to help you with product creation.

Let’s review the best ideas that will turn the heads of potential users.

1) Team Communication Solution

The last year changed the landscape of office work. Today, a huge part of the population works from home. However, it doesn’t mean that they communicate with colleagues less  — quite the opposite. Since you can’t engage in water cooler talks, co-workers require the means for direct communication with the team, share ideas, and just have small talk.

For such a solution to have a chance for success, try to approach it from a different angle. Analyze available solutions on the market and empower your solution with truly unique features that bring value in now remote office work.

2) AI Shopping System

Retail is one of the spheres that went through a drastic change last year. The vast majority of purchases today happen in an eCommerce environment. However, such a change creates a lot of difficulties for customers.

For example, buying clothes online can become a real challenge because different brands have different size charts. As a result, customers are bracketing to later return the vast majority of ordered items.

An AI-enabled shopping system could solve the problem. For example, you can create a solution based on AI and AR to provide users with precise recommendations after the app makes measurements of their bodies.

Another possible solution is an AI system that will provide users with recommendations based on their purchase history, preferred style, colors and much more.

3) Sentiment Product Rating Analysis

Customer reviews provide a lot of valuable information. Still, many don’t derive the whole message that customers are trying to tell. The development of a sentiment analysis system for product ratings and customer reviews will derive information from what users are writing in comments and which words they are using.

Computational linguistic and natural language processing technologies lie at the basis of such systems. Such a solution would help businesses make better data-driven decisions.

4) Automated GPS-Based Payroll System

There are a number of industries and businesses that require workers to move around the city or to make business trips. For example, construction workers might need to visit different objects on different days. It’s very difficult to track the movement or employees and manage their payroll.

GPS-enabled payroll systems would be able to automatically detect when an employee arrives at a location, how long they stay there, and how much time they spend driving. All the collected data can also be used for the optimization of business processes and operations.

5) Parking Spot Locator App

Finding a free parking lot turns into a real challenge during business hours. An application that will help users find a free parking spot heads the list of the most desired solutions. The use of beacons and IoT technologies can make such a system even more effective both on the streets but also on underground parking, for example.

6) eLearning Platform

Online education is on the rise right now with no sign of slowing down. There are a lot of eLearning platforms out there. However, there is still enough room for new names. While creating such solutions, it’s important to remember that they should bring value to students. 

For example, you can create a platform that will create an individual educational plan with the help of artificial intelligence based on user preferences and desired results.

7) Telehealth Application

The current healthcare environment makes it challenging for patients to get timely medical help. Hospitals can reduce the influx of patients by providing telehealth applications.

Telehealth apps provide video conferencing between doctors and patients. Those in need of medical help can tell about their healthcare conditions, shared symptoms and get professional healthcare help without leaving their homes.

8) AR Education Apps

As was already mentioned, online education is prospering across the world. Instead of visiting schools and colleges, a lot of students are forced to study online. 

AR education apps can become a great asset in helping improve the quality of remote learning. Such apps can show complex materials, the structure of the human body with the help of augmented reality. AR software is already popular among medical training centers.

9) Smart Home Solution

The market of smart home devices has been actively growing for the last couple of years. Even though there are numerous solutions available, there is still no solution that will cover all aspects of life. 

One of the possible ways is to develop an IoT platform that will combine security and other smart home tasks. For example, you can build a system that will launch the work of robot vacuums based on data received from dust detecting devices.

10) Smart Investment Solution

The difficulty is the main reason why people don’t explore investing. They would benefit from a system making investment decisions for them by analyzing the market and making predictions with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For instance, you may consider launching a crypto trading platform with and not only. 

This is a complex solution that requires the knowledge of brokerage, market predictions, and much more. 

Sum Things Up

As you can see, there are numerous spheres that are still in need of innovative software projects. eLearning, eCommerce, security, and IoT are just a few areas worth your attention. 

Before making any choice, it’s important to study the market and competition and come up with a product idea that will woo potential users.

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