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Whatever you are an SEO company, SEO agency, single SEO expert or site owner you still have to be familiar with SEO to improve your site’s positions. To make your life easier and make your campaign more effective you certainly need the SEO tracking and ranking tool, and a good one, surely. A thought-out SEO tool will save your precious time, give you insights of strengths and weaknesses of the site, help you to make a right decisions about your promotion. But SEO software quantity grows day by day, and it is quite hard to find the right one without wasting time on the trials.

Allow me to introduce you to an SEO ranking software that is one of the best on the market –


With RankSonic, you can get extended website analytics, track changes in your daily rankings and browse advanced information about your competitor’s activity. This SEO software allows you to track your ranking in any selected country or city.

One of the most excellent possibility every SEO company will appreciate is a RankSonic White Label feature.

White Label allows users to connect their own domain (or subdomain) and label the RankSonic SEO tool with company’s logo and custom design. On the same domain, users also can make fully customized reports and send it to their clients or share with the coworkers. Handy thing, isn’t it?

One more mod feature that RankSonic have is a Site Auditor Module. It’s a crawl tool that analyze the structure of your website. Site Auditor will find the most critical issues on your site that can cost you rankings – missing titles, descriptions, broken links, non-existing pages and more. It definitely is a lot of help then you working with the content of your site. This tool will be useful for web developers and content managers or during the SEO expertise.

It’s so easy to work with RankSonic. Just a couple minutes to spend and you will get all the information at once. Let’s see how to create a project there, will be used as an example.


First thing on the to-do list is a project adding. In the “Website URL” field, please enter the URL of the website you want to follow and name the new project (by default the project has the same name as the website). Click “Next” to go to the following step.


Next step is to add the desirable search engine. You can select a country or do the international search and also select the available languages. In addition, you can add the targeted search based on your current location.


The list of selected search engines will appear below. Save your changes by clicking “Next”.


So it’s about time to find the keywords that you will track. You can add the keywords manually or use the button “Pick out keywords” to find the appropriate keywords for your site.


You can also provide access to this information for your clients or staff. Click “Edit” and you’ll see the permission tab. Click “Grant Access” and enter a valid e-mail, select the preset (staff of client) and choose the action they can perform (write or read).


Then you click “Add” you’ll see the list of the added users. Don’t forget to save your changes.


That was easy, right? Now, I want us to talk about how to connect one the useful White Label feature that I talked previously. Go to the White Label tag in the drop-down menu near your icon. Specify the domain or a subdomain, so the homepage will look like your private authorization form. Add the title, description and a company’s logo that your customers will see then they will take a look at the results. You can customize all the report that will be sent. Specify the email that will be indicated as a sender and upload the icon that will be displayed in the letter. Press “Save” to enable the RankSonic White Label Feature.


Ok, so you got the account and now wondering, what will I get from this SEO software? Let’s see what information you can collect with this service.

The main objective of Ranking is to show the position of the certain keywords in the SERP. You can receive valuable information about the keywords doings and decide on what keywords you need to pay more attention when promoting. This data will be shown as a graph with the keywords’ positions and a table with extended information, according to the selected time frame and a chosen search engine.


The Analytics tab can give you the exhaustive information about your audience (such as country, browser’s type, used device and so on), content quality, traffic sources and conversion parameters. All data is displayed as the graphs, diagrams and tables for better clarity, convenience and comprehension. It will give you insight into your project’s success.



Every smart SEO expert will definitely appreciate the Site Auditor Module. It allows you to find the weakest places of your site and remove them properly. This feature makes it easier to crawl any website and get the most important SEO information that can affect your ranking. Analyze your website at any time to understand the direction of the SEO campaign. Using a good tool is always better, especially then you want to improve your website and its position quickly and efficiently. All collected data displays in the most convenient way for you. Check out the pictures to evaluate.



So today our review was focused on the decent product on the SEO market, and I can’t help myself to rejoice. Using RankSonic SEO Software, you will for sure make your website successful and popular!

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Author: mavrikos panos

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