Best NTFS Driver for Apple M1 Chip

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Best NTFS Driver for Apple M1 Chip

If you have had been using Mac for a while, you know that it can’t let you write to an NTFS drive. Even if you have the latest Mac that uses the breakthrough M1 chip, you still can’t write to an NTFS drive. You can read its content but it doesn’t seamlessly allow the editing or transferring of the files from your Mac to your NTFS drive. 

Microsofts NTFS and Apples APFS

Microsoft introduced NTFS in 1993 to replace FAT. For Microsoft, NTFS is faster and lets you customize your files. With the launch of NTFS, majority of external hard drives were formatted with NTFS (New Technology File System) considering Microsoft’s dominance in the market. Fast forward few years and the NTFS dominance was challenged with the rise of Mac users. 

Many users have realized the potential of Apple computers and have migrated from being a Windows user to a sheeple. Since Apple’s file system – APFS – is different from Windows, it makes the FAT & exFAT file system formats available in Mac’s Disk Utility so that users can plug their external drives into a Mac or a PC. 

The problem comes in if you have an NTFS-formatted hard drive. As mentioned above, you can read its content when you plug it on your Mac. But you can’t edit or transfer your file from Mac to your external hard drive. 

Overcoming the Issue

There are many ways to overcome it. 

One is to reformat your NTFS hard drive to FAT32. But it takes a lot of effort. You may also run into several issues, like your videos getting corrupted. 

Another solution is to enable the NTFS support in your Mac. However, this solution is only for experts in computers. To enable it, you need to use the terminal on Mac, which can be confusing, especially if you don’t have coding knowledge. 

Enter a third-party program. 

Best Solution to Write to an NTFS Drive on a Apple M1 Chip Mac

The best solution for you is to just use third-party software. 

You might have tried using third-party programs before. But if you just migrated to the new Apple Mac with an M1 chip, then those programs might not work successfully yet. 

There are a few apps you can try, though. 

One of them is . It’s fully compatible with Apple’s M1 chip. Thus, it can work with any M1 chip-based MacBook Air, Mini, and Pro. 

Features of iBoysoft NTFS for Mac 

Besides being fully compatible with M1 chip-based Mac computers, iBoysoft also supports macOS Big Sur, Mac OS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Catalina 10.15, and macOS 10.14. 

Basic Disk Management 

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is fully integrated into your Mac. It means that if you plug in your NTFS drive, it appears in Finder. You can also use it to restore Time Machine backups to this drive and use it as a startup drive in case your Mac crashes. 

If you need to share your NTFS files with another Mac, you can do so using AirDrop. You can also download files from your cloud storage to your NTFS drives. 

It also lets you format a disk, like APFS/HFS+/exFAT disk to NTFS format using Disk Utility. 

File Transfer Quicker with Blazing Fast File Transfer Speed 

The program supports advanced 4k record hard drives, allowing a large number of file transfers. For instance, if you have over 60,000 files, you can transfer them all to your NTFS drives at a time without any issue. 

Since it has its own file system drive, this third-party software for Mac can work with Apple security policy and it has the same read and write speed as Mac’s native drivers. 

As a result, it lets you transfer files 6x times faster than its competitors. That is, you can transfer 200GB files without issues. 

Free Trial 

‘iBoysoft NTFS for Mac’ has a 7-day free trial. To use it now:

  • Simply go to iBoysoft’s official page and download and install it on your Mac.
  • Before you can start using it, make sure to restart your Mac first. 
  • After restarting, plug your NTFS hard drive. 
  • Go to Finder and you will see your NTFS-formatted drive there. 
  • You can now start transferring files from your Mac to your NTFS drive.

If you’re happy with its performance, you can try its 1-year subscription for only $19.95. The license can be used for up to 3 Macs. 


The latest MacBook uses the powerful ARM-based chip, however, it still does’t resolve the compatibility issue of NTFS drives. Thankfully, you can use 3rd party software utilities such as iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, one of the few third-party programs that can read and write NTFS drives on Mac. 

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