Best Android TV Boxes to Use in 2020 if You Don’t Have Cable TV

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Cable TV can cost more than $50 a month. And if you struggle to make ends meet because of this pandemic, you’re probably considering cutting some of your expenses. One of the things you should consider eliminating is your cable subscription. Don’t worry, your entertainment needs won’t be disrupted. Thanks to the best Android TV boxes in 2020.

Best Android TV Boxes


These TV boxes let you access your favorite video and music apps. These boxes are now getting more popular than ever. A TV box connects to your TV to make it a smart TV. Indeed, most TVs are using smart technology. However, a TV box can extend your TV’s capabilities.

Android TV boxes are more affordable than purchasing Android TV televisions. It’s a lot better than purchasing a small box than getting a giant TV and return it because it isn’t a good fit for your entertainment needs.

Nvidia Shield TV

For most people, Nvidia Shield TV offers the most sophisticated features. However, it’s also the most expensive. It’s equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. Plus, it’s using a quad-core Tegra X1+ processor.

It also provides 4K streaming and DTS-X surround sound. You can also use it to play Android games or you can stream PC titles. Furthermore, you can access GeForce Now, which is Nvidia’s cloud gaming service. That said, with this TV box, you can play PC games on your television.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

If the Nvidia Shield TV is too expensive for your wallet, then your better option is Xiaomi Mi Box S. Indeed, it’s cheaper than the first option above. However, it still supports 4K HDR streaming. Furthermore, it has 8GB storage with Dolby and DTS audio.

Although it may struggle to play 4K video content because of its slower processor, it’s still a perfect choice if you want a budget-friendly Android TV box. On Amazon, it costs around $66.

Ematic Jetstream

It comes with voice search remote. You can access over 450,00 movies and TV shows through paid and free channels, like Netflix, Hulu, and PBS Kids. This box supports 60 FPS video at 4k resolution. The remote includes a built-in Bluetooth voice search allowing you to use your voice when browsing, installing, and playing more games, shows, and movies.

Alternatives to Android TV Boxes

If you’re not completely satisfied with the choices above, you may consider getting a streaming box that uses a different platform. Amazon Fire TV is one of them. As the term suggests, it uses Amazon Fire OS, instead of Android. It’s still a good choice as it can deliver 4K resolution. Furthermore, its video quality is better than those cheap Android TV boxes.

And if you’re using Amazon Alexa at home, then you can easily pair it with Fire TV so you can easily monitor the status of your smart home devices.

Another option is Roku. It has robust options for streaming boxes and TV with Roku built-in. Furthermore, it has various channels that you can’t obtain when you have Android TV.

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