Best 5 social media scheduling and management tools

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Did you know that you can achieve more by scheduling your posts to be published at the right time on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites? Timing is everything when it comes to getting it right on the social media. A Twitter post published 7am in New York may not achieve similar success rate as the same post published same time in London.

According to Coschedule, 50% of the US population is in the Eastern Time Zone, while a combination of both the Eastern and Central represent almost 80% of the U.S. population. In essence, the Coschedule report implies that the Eastern or Central time zone would be the “best time to base off for a United States audience to reach the most people through your social media shares.”

Proper posting is not about guesswork—the timing has to be right in order to achieve your goal of reaching hundreds of thousands of leads at a time. To take the guesswork out of every move you make on the social media, here are 5 best social media scheduling and management tools to help you out:

#1. Socialoomph



Any app that gives you access to multiple social media services should be considered a must-have. Socialoomph is a cool app that covers a great deal of top social media websites/services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and The app has a very impressive list of features that cater to the needs of both free and premium users. You will be able to schedule tweets, track keywords, a URL shortening feature that enables you to track tweets, and much more.

The downside- free users are not allowed to use other social media profiles other than Twitter.

#2. Buffer



Buffer is a popular app that features in so many reviews. It is a very powerful social media scheduling tool that gets rid of all the guesswork. You can schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place—that easy! The tool shares your posts at the best possible times throughout the day—allowing your followers and fans see your updates more often.

Downside- free version of Buffer only allows limited scheduling of posts.

#3. HootSuite



In HootSuite, you have one of the most versatile social media tools for scheduling and managing your posts. It coordinates your Facebook and Twitter accounts from a single dashboard. Over the years, HootSuite has evolved into one of the most amazing tools for tracking conversation and measuring your social media campaigns.

Downside- The free version does not offer as much insight and features as the paid and enterprise versions.

#4. Mavsocial



Twitter, Facebook, YouTube—you can manage all your major social media account with this tool. Mavsocial is a free app that comes fully baked with some cool features that allow you to easily schedule and track your content. One of the reasons to love this app is that it allows you to store your images assets in one place for reuse. Mavsocial works with virtually all the major social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube.

Downside- Could take some learning to get used to.

#5. Postcron



Finally, on our list is Postcron; one of the best tools to schedule your posts across multiple platforms. With Postcron, you can increase traffic, schedule posts, engage your audience, and much more. You can schedule your posts on Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Downside- Doesn’t have too many advanced features, but good enough to get small business going.

Got some other amazing apps/tools on your list? You can add them using the comment section.

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Author: Ola Ric

Ola Ric is a professional tech writer. He has written and provided tons of published articles for professionals and private individuals. He is also a social commentator and analyst, with relevant experience in the use of social media services.

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