BeReal is the New Favorite App of Gen Z

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BeReal is climbing the charts.

Is BeReal the Better Alternative to Instagram? 

Its monthly users are up this year by more than 315%

Founded by a former GoPro employee, BeReal launched in December 2019. The idea was to ask users to post their unedited photos each day once they receive a push notification.

After receiving the alert, the users will have up to 2 minutes to snap two photos with their phone’s front and rear cameras. The two photos are taken simultaneously on the phone’s front and rear camera. 

You may look horrendous. Your room may be a mess. But you won’t care. 

That’s because the BeReal app wants you to be real. It’s one reason it’s marketed as the antithesis of Instagram. Unlike BeReal, Instagram’s photos are polished and unrealistic. 

BeReal taps into the young generation’s growing appreciation for anti-aesthetic content. 

Unfiltered Photos

Users are enjoying the app because of the spontaneous and unfiltered photos posted. The app will remind users that not all people are doing exciting things every day. 

The highlights reel of Instagram will only heighten your fear of missing out. And this is what BeReal wants to cure. 

The concept isn’t new, though. Minutiae also had the same concept. The app launched in 2017 and the co-founder lamented that BeReal only borrowed from Minutiae’s idea while it touts itself as authentic. 

But that’s how social media works. Many of these apps offer similar experiences. One app becomes successful while the other will sunset. 

Users of BeReal can view photos of their groups of real-life friends, and not strangers’ photos. 

Because there’s only one post a day, users don’t have to deal with various photos that they thoughtlessly scroll through. You can’t see your friends’ posts if you don’t share a photo. Because it works in real-time, users turn off their location. 

Not Promoting Artificial

In a way, BeReal doesn’t incentivize comments or likes. It also doesn’t promote being artificial. It’s all about showing friends what they are doing at the moment. 

Many younger users now are fed up with the constant changes of Instagram, which adds new features. BeReal, on the other hand, experiments with new photo-sharing experiences to entice users and take them away from Instagram. 

Although BeReal wants users to be real while posting their photos, there’s still competition among groups of friends. 

The photos, no matter how horrendous they look, can still represent to others that they are living better lives offline than their peers. 

Still, the authenticity of BeReal is what truly attracts Gen Z to use the app. The photos are not glamorized. It’s something different. 

Because it doesn’t give you time to put on makeup before you snap and post photos, your post can be authentic. However, some users may still curate their lives. Some of them will still wait to post until they are dressed up and looked glam. 

Are younger users ready to give up on Instagram and other social media apps? Unfortunately, they are not ready yet. For some of them, they maintain a level of authenticity on social media, no matter what platform they are using. They think that an app doesn’t determine the authenticity of a person.

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Author: Jane Danes

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