Barack Obama Named Social Media Person Of 2012

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President Barack Obama has been named the top social media person of 2012 in a poll conducted by SocialToaster.

According to the social media marketing firm, 50 percent of the 3,000 Super Fans it surveyed say that Obama is the social media person of the year based on his use and influence in social media.

Super Fans is the firm’s term for power users of social media. According to SocialToaster, these people are mostly social media experts and professionals working with large firms in the entertainment industry to sports teams.

“Our Super Fans, who represent the most plugged-in people in social media around the world, were the perfect people to ask,” SocialToaster CEO Brian Razzaque said in a statement.

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Coming next in the social media poll is Justin Bieber which raked in 38.2 percent votes followed by fellow music superstar Lady Gaga with 35.3 percent.

Ashton Kutcher ranks fourth with 32.4 percent followed by journalist and TV personality Anderson Cooper with 26.5 percent.

Kanye West clinched third least influential person in social media together with Sean Hannity with 11.8 percent.

Madonna is the second least influential social media person for 2012 with 5.9 percent and Mitt Romney was voted least influential with a2.9 percent.

“While it was no surprise that in this election year Barack Obama would be ranked the most influential person in social media, it was surprising to us that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga would beat Madonna and Kanye West. We were also surprised to see that friends had more pull than family when it came to influencing the sharing of social media content,” Razzaque said.

So what exactly do Super Fans consider trusted social media posts? Those coming from friends were most trusted with a rating of 95 percent, followed by family-posted content at 56 percent and then blogger content at 39 percent.

According to Super Fans polled by SocialToaster, people most like to share photos which ranked first with 90 percent.

Links are the second most popular content to be shared with 68 percent followed by quotes at 51 percent.

Videos managed a rating of 44 percent.

The topic most likely to be shared is humor (86 percent) followed by sports (61 percent) and politics (49 percent).

According to the data from the SocialToaster survey, the least likely content to be share is about studies and statistics (19.5%) while pornography (7.3%) beat Social Media Game Scores (12.2%) as least likely to be shared.

Social media users should also take note of the following activities as they are surefire ways to get people to un-follow you.

Racism ranked first with 73 percent. Another certain way to get people to click the unfollow or unfriend button is posting sexist remarks or content as it ranked second in the poll at 63 percent.

Pornographic material ranked third with 54 percent followed by repetitive content with 51 percent.

Social media personalities who also post material that is “too personal” are 39 percent likely to get unfollowed while poor grammar is also a turnoff with 34 percent of those polled saying that it is a sure way to get unfollowed.

Social Media, survey, influencers, statistics,

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