BackPAIX is the backpack from the future

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BackPaic is the first smart urban bag features a charge port and a badge with LED light


The smart-backpack is almost ready to launch

Are you a frequent commuter or traveler? Then this backpack might be the right one for you. PAIX design team created a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a connected, eco-friendly backpack, the BackPAIX. It is built by a team of designers, engineers and professionals. It is a perfect blend of fashion, quality and craftsmanship. BACKPAIX stands out, just like you, in the crowd.

It looks like a normal backpack but it has some very special features that make BackPAIX the best companion for travelling or moving around the city. According to the design team BackPAIX is stylish, personal, connected, eco-friendly, weather-proof, powered, on top of its capacity to store things.

But, what makes this backpack to stand out is the easy-charge system that allows users to charge their mobile devices on the go. And, let’s not forget the Bluetooth badge with LED lights (yay!). The badge can switch colours and display different designs. The badge is powered by a built-in 600 mAh battery and is controlled through its the iOS or Android app.



The biking mode is very useful for bikers


For the time being you can choose only three modes. Cycling, image display and geofence lost alert. With the biking mode you can show direction they’re turning through a control panel that is located on the bike’s frame. Of course you can control it from the app, but it is dangerous to ride your bike with one hand. The geofence alert can protect your bag and the precious cargo from possible theft. If you bag goes outside a predetermined area, the owner will receive a notification. Lastly, the “emoji” badge is a very catchy feature. The company is planning to allow users design their own designs and flash them! There are more options for the badge in the future. It could be a speaker, camera, sensor or a light.

Of course is a backpack so it has some classic features:

  • It offers 30 litres of cargo space and a side pocket that easily fits a 15″ laptop and a 10″ tablet.
  • It is made from the famous weather-resistant Cyclepet® material. It comes from  recycled PET bottles.
  • It also has interesting add-ons like a bottle opener (beer time is good time), USB charging pocket, tripod loop, shoe pocket, U-lock hook belt, and optional GoPro dock.

The smart-backpack is available on Kickstarter for baking. If you are an urban explorer or a frequent traveler you can order your BackPAIX starting at $159. If you are willing to give something extra like the smart display, or the Biker’s combo. The shipment is estimated to start in November. We are pretty sure that PAIX is going to raise the necessary funds, because it has already collected half of the money they want to start manufacturing. In 2017 we are going to see many emojis on backpacks!



Image source: Kickstarter


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