Axie Infinity Coin News

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Axie Infinity Coin News

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry offers an enormous number of different projects aimed at increasing the adoption of digital assets and offering many earning opportunities to users. Some projects enable fast and secure currency transfers, others allow to build applications, others offer to make real money in virtual metaverse worlds, and some offer to play games and earn tokens.

One of the first play-to-earn platforms that made a buzz in the crypto industry was Axie infinity. Let’s discuss it and the in this article.

What is AXS Coin?

Axie is a play-to-earn game that rewards its participants with tokens. AXS crypto has the form of cute little animals – NFTs, that can be used for generating more of such NFTs and also for:

  • trading;
  • breeding;
  • collecting;
  • different competitions and battles within the game;
  • renting land and other in-game items.

As of October 2022, the AXS coin price fluctuates around $9.00. During the last 30 days, the token lost its value. The price ranged between $12.97 and $8.38.

What are the chances that the price of AXS crypto will increase? All will depend on the market trend and the popularity of the game itself. When the Axie game appeared, it became incredibly popular because it bought something revolutionary to the industry. Then the price reached even $165.37. However, as the attention to the game dropped and many new play-to-earn games emerged, the Axie token started to lose its value. Nevertheless, experts believe the token can still reach $200 in the next year.

To keep track of the AXS coin news, subscribe to the project’s social networks. If you want to buy Axie infinity coin, welcome to the WhiteBIT platform. It is a centralised exchange supporting over 400 crypto pairs and allowing to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies.

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