Asus’ New Mini PC Looks Just Like A Router

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Taiwan based Asus has advertised its mini PC, which looks very much like a router. The mini PC, which has an antenna for reasons best known to the manufacturer, is a full-fledged computer in disguise, reports Digital Trends.

Its size however, limits its capacity in terms of features and capability; but nothing can be taking away from Asus E210 in terms of productivity as it is more versatile than a router.

Asus advertises it as a “fan-less mini PC for thin client and industrial applications.” The new E210 from Asus is much similar to the EB1037, which is a small-sized computer that came with a fan for effective cooling. At 8.6 x 6.8 x 1.1 inches, the new E210 from the Taiwan based company may not feature a noisy fan just like the EB1037.

The E1210 is compact and very easy to move around with. It comes with a power-efficient and decently snappy dual-core Intel Celeron N2807 Bay Trail processor, with capacity to take up to 4GB memory including a 128GB of solid state storage. While gamers may not find this an attractive option for hardcore gaming, the E210 is great for an integrated Intel HD Graphic solution; with emphasis on reliability and productivity.


Another impressive feature of the new Asus E210 is its connectivity ability; with its front and rear plastered with card readers, headphone and microphone jacks, USB ports, HDMI, VGA, LAN, Kensington Lock, and DC-in slots. With its USB 3.0, file transfers are ten times faster than the usual USB 2.0.

The new E210 from one of the world’s leading PC manufacturing companies can be hooked simultaneously to two monitors, and is guaranteed to work for a minimum of three years.

The rotatable VESA-mount kit is designed to provide users with flexible placement with easy 1/0 ports access, which means you don’t need to turn the monitor around with ability to use the rotation function to find the port you would like to use.

The E210 has an attractive selling point, and would impress not a few people considering its fan-less design, which offers a quiet workspace and small footprint in terms of space and energy consumption. Of course, users will be attracted to the fact that it is lightweight, and can be easily fitted to behind a monitor.

More details are still being expected including pricing, availability, and most significantly if it comes with no fans.

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