AsthmaSense App Allows Users to Properly Manage Asthma

AsthmaSense is an app which allows you to properly manage Asthma (Image: via

iSonea Ltd., a medical technology firm, announced the release of a new app for smartphones called AsthmaSense. The app allows users to manage asthma in a very detailed but easy way.

AsthmaSense is the first of its kind. In using this app, the first thing you need to do is to input your asthma action plan. The app will then constantly remind you to track your plan.

AsthmaSense has several important features for the asthmatic user. For one, it has a feature called Journal, which allows you to record symptoms, medication use, wheezes, and peak flows effortlessly. It also has the Rescue feature, which allows you to contact someone quickly in case of emergencies.

The United States has around 25 million asthmatics, according to the CDC or Center for Disease Control. When asthma is not properly controlled, it causes the United States a cost burden of more than 56 million dollars because more people tend to get hospitalized, visit emergency rooms, and in general, raise medical costs. Moreover, across the globe, 250,000 people die each year from poorly controlled asthma.

According to Michael Thomas, chief executive officer of iSonea Ltd., “iSonea is dedicated to developing innovative, easy-to-use devices and mobile apps that help improve asthma monitoring and management. We built the AsthmaSense app with the user in mind. We understand how critical it is to track your asthma, and so we built an app with key features that help you better manage your asthma anywhere, anytime.”

Apple iPad and iPhone users can purchase the AsthmaSense app at Apple’s App store, while Android users can get it at Amazon App stores and Google Play. It costs 3.99 dollars.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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