Are You Ignoring These Social Media Marketing Tips?

Social media marketing is fun and rewarding, as long as you know what you are doing. Almost all social media channels provide you the many ways to market your companies and products.

Are You Ignoring These Social Media Marketing Tips?

Are You Ignoring These Social Media Marketing Tips?

Then again, there are times that you are stuck and you do not have new ideas on your mind of what to post next.

What post ideas that you can use to improve your marketing campaign?

Post up to four times a week at least

The most popular Facebook pages post four times a week.

The frequency of posting is a big deal on Facebook. This is because if you do not post anything for quite some time, your organic reach will surely suffer.

To combat that, you should post more frequently and at the right time.

By posting more frequently at the right time, you will get the highest engagement, according to a survey. But it is still important that, when you post, your audience is online.

Post Native Videos on Facebook

They do better than when you post YouTube videos.

According to this study, 79.6% of those Facebook Pages utilized and uploaded native Facebook videos, instead of just uploading videos that they obtained from YouTube and other social media services.

Currently, YouTube is said to be following behind Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site when it comes to video reach.

When you try to look at the reach of native videos on Facebook, they earned more than 10% of organic page likes, while YT videos that are uploaded on Facebook only resulted in less than 10% of organic reach.

These native videos get more engagement too and they outperform YT videos.

Unfortunately, majority of Facebook pages do not post native videos on Facebook. Some of them did not upload videos at all.

However, if you are planning to post native videos, you have to remember that most Facebook users watch videos no more than 30 seconds.

They stay glued to their screen within that period of time.

That said, make sure that your native videos are exciting and compelling to watch. If it is not, ensure that it is less than 30 seconds but the message must be conveyed at the very start of the video.

Optimize Mobile

On Facebook, most of its users are on mobile. Billions of FB users access their Facebook accounts through their mobile devices.

That said, make sure that your FB posts are optimized for mobile viewing.

Should you pay to market your brand on Facebook?

If you have the budget, then experts do recommend it.

In fact, large companies spend some of their earnings by advertising on Facebook to get better reach.

So, do not be afraid to use the paid advertising of FB. It might help your social media marketing campaign.

How about Twitter?

Twitter is still growing. In fact, majority of Twitter users are active on mobile.

Each day, there are 500 million tweets on Twitter. If you want your campaign to stand out, make sure that it has compelling content and great headlines.

What can you add to these facts? Please let us know in the comments below.

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