Are You Excited for Apple’s “Hi, Speed” Event? What to Look Forward To?

It will still be completely virtual, just like the Time Flies event. 

Are You Excited for “Hi, Speed” Event of Apple? What to Look Forward To?

A few days ago, Apple announced its second fall event, with a tagline “Hi, Speed.” Last month, Apple held its Time Flies event and introduced its new iPad Air, a 10.2-inch iPad, and two versions of Apple Watch. 

The second event will finally take place tomorrow, October 13, after it has been delayed for weeks as a result of the pandemic. 

Hi, Speed 

The invitations for the event has a tagline of “Hi, Speed.” It’s Apple’s subtle way of telling us that it’s going to announce its new iPhone that can connect to a 5G wireless network. This network is now available through various carriers, not just in the US but around the world. 

The 5G network is said to deliver faster connection speeds. It can handle more connected devices. It could power self-driving cars, smart city tech, networked robots, and the like. 

But the company is late in entering the 5G game. Google, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and others have already joined. 

Despite the delay in the game, the iPhone may still command the scene considering its loyal fan base. We can expect that more and more people will upgrade their devices.

Apple to Focus on iPhone 12

Tomorrow’s event will focus on Apple’s latest iPhone lineup. It’s said to introduce not just one but four new iPhone 12 models. The price can range from $699 to $1,099. 

The new iPhone will have a bulkier body, which is similar to the iPhone 4 and 5. It may look like the latest iPad Pro that comes with flat edges. 

For the first time, all new iPhones will have OLED displays. Before, Apple only made OLED displays available to its highest-end iPhone. Lower-end models featured LCD. 

But this time, it’s different. Apple will make sure that all versions of the new iPhone will have Super Retina XDR. Plus, it will feature a new glass technology that boosts its durability. 

As mentioned, the iPhone 12 will have 5G connectivity supporting mmWave 5G and sub-6Ghz 5G. The latter will be sold in other countries. The new iPhone will also have Smart Date Mode that will allow the phone to use 5G when necessary to boost battery life. 

One of the biggest points in the event will be the pricing strategy of Apple. Apple and Samsung have been fighting for premium smartphone users. As a result, both companies are selling their highest-end models at extreme prices. 

The current premium model is iPhone 11 Pro Max that you can purchase starting at $1,099 while the Samsung Galaxy S20+ with 5G has a price tag of $1,199. 

In addition to revealing its new iPhone models, Apple will also use the “Hi, Speed” event to announce upgrades to its smartwatches, iPads, and Appel TV+. However, most of these devices were announced last month. 

Apple may also announce AR glasses, HomePod smart speakers, and new AirPods Studio. It may also mention AirTags. It’s Apple’s latest product that can help you track misplaced valuables through Bluetooth technology. 

Tuesday’s “Hi, Speed” event will start at 10 am Pacific Time or 1 pm Eastern Time.

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