Are Gamer Blogs Getting More Popular?

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Are Gamer Blogs Getting More Popular?

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Over the past five years, the video game and iGaming industries have realised the importance of blogging. Typical gamer blogs can discuss a variety of hot topics, and they are often used as a clever marketing strategy to increase conversions and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

This page will take a look at whether gamer blogs are getting more popular. We will also be revealing some of today’s most popular blogs that relate to the gaming world in one way or another.

Why do people blog about gaming?

The main reason why businesses and individuals blog about gaming is to capitalise on the success of the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry. In other words, people blog to make money.

Blogging can bring huge benefits to your business, no matter what products or services you are trying to promote or sell. The idea of blogging is to help create an even more successful business and stand out from your rivals.

Take the 32Red , which regularly posts blogs about the latest game releases. Readers can get an early look at certain exciting new games before they are released and then be the first players to try out these games as soon as they arrive at the casino.

What else do gamers blog about?

Apart from just blogging about the latest upcoming games that are soon to be released, some of the other things that gamers like to blog about in their posts are things like how to complete certain levels (aka walkthrough blogs), the latest industry news, gaming hardware (e.g., consoles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers), upcoming esports events, software providers, tips & tricks, and other engaging blogs that are relevant to gaming.

For some gamers, staying up to date with the latest from the video game or iGaming industry is extremely important. Carefully crafted blog posts can keep people returning to the website on more than one occasion.

What other benefits do gaming blog posts have for businesses?

Blog posts can help certain businesses stay one step ahead of their rivals and come with many benefits. For example, the right kind of gamer blog can do the following:

  • Help increase your business’s online visibility and potentially drive more internet traffic to your website. The more traffic that is driven to your site via the blog, the more potential customers you will get, which can lead to an increase in conversions and revenue
  • Help develop a feeling of community around your business with your target audience
  • Help build trust between your business and your audience
  • Help advertise any products or services your business sells
  • Help bring relevant and engaging content to your readers while, at the same time, promoting your business
  • Help create brand awareness
  • Help grow your emailing list for your blog posts, articles, and news items

These are just some of the main benefits a gaming website can look forward to by having a successful blog.

What are the most popular gaming blogs in 2023?

There are hundreds of gaming blogs out there today, some of which will be more relevant to your preferred style of gaming than others.

For example, if you enjoy playing video games, some of the most popular blogs and websites to check out in 2023 are GamePro (great for amateur gamers), GoNintendo (great for Nintendo fans), Extra Credits (ideal for educational gaming blogs), and Gaming Debugged (great for fans of Indie games).

If you want video game reviews, try Game Critics, and if you’re into Anime/Manga, you may want to check out Gematsu. World of Warcraft fans have the GameOgre blog and PC Gamer, and if you want to know more about mobile gaming from an Android, try the Droid Gamers blog.

Others include VG24/7 (the best blog for Minecraft), PlayStation Blog (best for PlayStation fans), and The Game Fanatics (the best blog for gaming culture as a whole). You also have the Kotaku blog, which is great for the latest video game news and gossip, TouchArcade (great for iOS gaming), and Xbox Wire (great for Xbox).

Also, don’t forget to check out The Dotabuff blog, Pocket Gamer, Futhead News, and, to name just a few of the world’s most popular gaming blogs.

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