“Are Gambling and Women Compatible?”: Are Women as Gamblers Only a Dream in Cinema?

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“Are Gambling and Women Compatible?”: Are Women as Gamblers  Only a Dream in Cinema?


“No Time To Die” is the latest movie adventure of 007 Agent James Bond, which was filmed in certain parts of Norway. To this day, we still live in a society that perceives males as the best gender characters to play typical casino scenes. Whether it be in underground gaming houses or land-based casinos, films still present a disassociation between the casino life and the female gender.

Are Women Predominantly Lurking Behind Virtual Gaming Walls?

Gambling, in general, isn’t popular in many Norwegian cities. In some regions, it’s banned entirely.  However, there are some operators such as that offer Norwegian gamers the chance to enjoy gambling. This gambling online can range anywhere between keno, sporting games, and lotteries. 

We thank exceptional individuals like for their interest and expertise in the line of web development and gambling. He works hard to provide knowledge to provide better gaming experiences for all players, male and female. 

Films and Underrated Performances

Are women in gambling only stereotypes, or are they a reality in our society? As far as women being placed in gambling scenes go, women are limited to either being decorative, or the typical woman with a gambling addiction, such as in the movie, “My Daughter’s Secret Life”. Another famous stereotype is the bride heading on a girls trip where popping into a casino is part of the journey. 

Movies such as “Molly’s Game” are not given enough recognition. Women tend to be underrated when it comes to women as gamblers playing the dominant role in the world of gambling. In a list of top-rated movies of this genre, less than 10% of them see women playing dominant roles in the gambling world. 

Is There a Population of Women Who Gamble?

According to research, in 2006, 67.9% of the Norwegian population took to gambling, and this steep rise resulted from the sudden access to online gambling*. Today, Norway finds that 2.79% of pathological addicts are male while 0.69% are female. This study shows that even though men are more likely to develop a gambling addiction, there is an active population of women who gamble. 

If this is the case, we can conclude that even though movie scenes don’t give much credit to women owning their rightful spaces in the gambling arena, it isn’t true in real life. The reality is that they’re active in the field and can have just as much control and power over the game as men. 

Movies Influence the Stereotype

When it comes to roles associated with power and control, men are at the forefront for such parts. 

As far as gambling and women compatible casino setups go, women are usually associated with roles where they suffer from an addiction. They can also play in the role of party girls on a night out, making a quick visit to a casino. None of these roles show gender power or dominance. 

This idea influences our society in not being able to associate women with taking control in gambling. We watch movies where women typically win by chance on scratch cards or in lotteries at casinos, but can hardly have a seat at the poker table without a male being by her side. 

Are Women and Gambling Compatible in Reality?

Being compatible means being able to exist without problems. Therefore, we’re questioning whether or not women and gambling can exist without the societal factors that influence their participation. 

Because of the growth of online gambling, the sky’s the limit to anyone in terms of access. Since online operators don’t restrict players based on gender, women can comfortably earn their own seat at various virtual games without feeling excluded or undermined. This makes online gambling and the female gender able to exist with one another. 

Thanks to gaming and its vast range, both males and females can find a spot in which to thrive. Typically, women gravitate towards bingo and lotteries while men enjoy sports events and horse races. The variety of games available means that both genders have the opportunity and means to find a preferred game type and enjoy it. 

Is it Only a Dream in the Cinema?

Facts prove that women do have a presence in the world of gambling. Reality shows us that women also have the means to participate in gambling activities by gambling online or paying a local casino a visit. Society shows us that it’s the perceived ideas we take from movies that suggest that women cannot harness their own sense of control or power in gambling. 


Women and gambling exist together in real life. Television and movies underrate the connection, but the reality in the casino and online brings the truth of it to life.

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