Are B2b Portals Safe? How to Choose the Right one for your Business?

Are B2b Portals Safe? How to Choose the Right one for your Business?

Methods of establishing contacts with the audience, customers, & distributors have increased its level in the business online. People are looking for opportunities to connect with intended customers and target audience. It is an important task, as it requires thorough research and B2B marketing information. Several businesses are looking for developing contact with the audience through digital manner, with a few or no human personal interaction.

It encourages the person to trust the product and business based on customer satisfaction, reviews, buying and selling products & their information. The B2B helps the business to grow internationally through the online platforms as well as the connection of the business. They are one of the safest portals with all the security and protected codes working for the business portals.

90% of the market is working on the B2B portals to gain safe and loyal customers. Well, to look for a suitable one for your business, you must look for the strategy plans each of the B2B portals has. Their distribution funnel activities, nature of the industry, facilities they are providing as well as strategies they are providing for your business to grow in 2021, and so on.  

Choose Suitable B2B Portals for Your Business

With several top B2B portals, you are having choices to select any one of them for your business. This will provide you a safe and protected environment for the business and products. Let’s look for the list here.

  1. Amazon
  2. eWorldTrade
  3. eBay
  4. Alibaba
  5. ETradeAsia
  6. AliExpress
  7. Etsy
  8. SnapDeal
  9. Flipkart
  10. Made-In-China

1. Amazon is one of the leading B2B platforms in the online business industry. With the affordable prices and reasonable discounts on products, it deals with customers around the globe. The Amazon has fastest internet server to respond the visitors and guests effectively. It provides you with easy money transactions, multiple shopping categories. Amazon has broken the language barriers for its customers. With online auction details, it provides you with:

  • Easy tracking system
  • Affordable packages for the products
  • Good-quality products

2. eWorldTrade is the second best B2B portal, which is safe and protected for the audience to look at and order from. This website provides you creative designs and the freedom to look at several products with customization. Here you can buy a myriad variety of products in home appliances or kid’s toys or furniture for your bedroom. eWorldTrade is a user-friendly platform, designed for a diverse group of people. The website is maintained every couple of hours with new products and requirements. The safe portal with an amazing outlook. It provides you with

  • Rapid Interface
  • Supportive website
  • Good customer services

3. eBay is among the top B2B platforms for online business as the world is moving toward the digital platform. People love to explore unique products with easy technology and place with electronic items. eBay provides millions of buyer and sellers with the best marketing strategies as well as

  • Productive Brand Searches
  • Huge Products Stocks
  • Rapid Customer Responses


The platform of B2B is incomplete without mentioning the name of It is one of the pioneering platform established with modern marketing technology as well as dynamics in E-Commerce. With huge customer services, mobile commerce, and online product auction, it provides the best quality services to customers around the world. It provides

  • Variety of payment transaction options
  • Affordable prices for the products
  • Rapid Delivery time

5. has developed itself for competing in the B2B platform competition. It is a great opportunity for the agricultural industry in South Asia to buy or sell the products from the platform. With high website maintenance and large product stock, EtradeAsia provide you with

  • Effective business approach
  • Electrical appliances
  • Reasonable membership cost

6. AliExpress is the finest and responsive B2B platform for the audience. It makes sure to have a customized design for the website to assure the audience of the best services. With a variety of accessories and electrical appliances, AliExpress makes sure to deliver everything that is in their range. With this platform, you can find:

  • Quick Payment Process
  • Qualitative and timely Delivery
  • Responsive Customer Services


A market place for dealers and popular vendors is Here people can connect with the vendors for buying and selling of the products. The website design for this website is cheerful for the audience to visit and purchase. It is one of the best-handcrafted online portals for the audience around the world. At Etsy, you will find

  • Hand-made Jewellery
  • Sketches
  • Antique pieces
  • Historical objects

8. SnapDeal

Talking about the e-commerce and B2B platforms one cannot forget to include Snapdeal as the game player. With 60 million and more products sold by the Snap deal, it is one of the largest players in the e-commerce industry. People have been buying and selling their products through this platform, you will find

  • High-quality products
  • Interactive customer supports
  • Highly active services

9. Flipkart

If you are looking for facilities, is providing every little facility to the customers with all the equipment, products, and other brands outside India. With easy shipment and timely delivery, Flipkart is providing your dealers and vendors with discounts and deals.

  • Easy payment transactions
  • Online shipment delivery
  • Responsive website design

10. Made-In-China

For third-party B2B platform, the is on the top of the list. With complete commitment and support, this platform provides foreign trade marketing policies as well as products from china to be distributed around the world. So that world can benefit from modern technology and the advancement of the products.


The best firm to choose is the one suitable for your business. The above 10 B2B platforms are the top platforms with complete protection and security provided to the business vendors as well as the customers around the world.

Author: Alex Philips

Alex Philips currently markets content for the worldwide-burgeoned brand, eWorldTrade. His expertise lie in B2B & B2C e-commerce content production & research. He is best known for his research skills in digital marketing.

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