Apps for TV and Connected Cars Coming Soon

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Smartphone users have no doubt enjoyed the privilege of using the thousands of apps at their disposal. These applications have enabled more efficient communication and social interaction has never been easier. But since the Apple store introduced the world to smartphone apps in 2008, these have so far been restricted to mobile phones and tablets. In fact, most of the apps being launched currently can only be used in telecommunications. However, this apps boom could soon be carried forward to TV and connected sets, according to apps developers who predict this to happen within the next few years.

Samsung Smart TV

A Samsung Smart TV. TV apps are the future, with hopes that users will enjoy them by 2015.
Photo: 3dguy

Apps are big business the world over now, and you can now download apps for any and everything you can think of. But with an increase in demand beyond the usual market, 80% of app developers interviewed during a survey conducted by Appcelerator confirmed that they would be working to create apps for TV by 2015. This is a highly anticipated move by industry pundits who expect these new apps to be on high demand as soon as they are released.

The question at this point is probably, just how these apps will work, especially in the connected cars. Will you be able to, say, let your car drive itself to your destination as you read a novel or listen to your favourite pop music? But regardless of how this apps war turns out, the kind of competition we expect can only be good for users.

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