Apple’s Virtual Reality Headset: Not for the Metaverse (Yet)

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Apple’s reality headset isn’t for long-term use. 

Steers Clear of Metaverse 

Apple is said to be working on creating and developing mixed reality headsets. However, it has no plans to use it for the metaverse. 

Mark Zuckerberg has been promoting metaverse for a while now. But Apple isn’t buying what Meta is selling, just yet. That’s according to Mark Gurman. 

Gurman stated in his newsletter that the iPhone maker won’t participate in the metaverse. He tweeted

“I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world where users can escape to — like they can in Meta Platforms/Facebook’s vision of the future — is off limits from Apple. Executives today at the highest levels of the company, and in the past like Jony Ive, have pushed for the virtual reality headset to not be an all-day device, and instead one that can be used for bursts of gaming, communication and content consumption. The augmented-reality headset is Apple’s real priority because it can be worn all day, and naturally, not take anyone out of their real environment.” 

Apple has not named its headset yet. However, it is said that it has two 8k displays with a significant focus on augmented reality. The company wants users to spend more time looking at the real world around them. 

Lightweight Headset 

The upcoming device is a lightweight headset. The weight of the headset is a key part of making VR more viable. 

Most of the headsets now can’t be worn for too long because of their weight. This new tech from Apple caused a lot of gamers to be excited about it as it’s backed by Apple’s powerful M1 chip

Even though it’s a lightweight design, Apple isn’t trying to make its headsets be used for the long term. Instead, Apple wants users to use its product in small bursts. It doesn’t want users to be in constant mindless drifting. Tim Cook said in the past that it is concerned about how Apple’s creations are used for endless scrolling, instead of creativity. 

The Price of the Headset 

The headsets are reported to cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. With that exorbitant price, though, you may be hesitant to use it if you can’t get through a full game. 

Apple’s Shares Boost 

There’s been a lot of talk about the metaverse lately. Even though Apple isn’t in the middle of it, its share price is still rising. Apple might still capitalize on the metaverse because of the reports about the company’s AR/VR headsets. The company is seeing a new record.  

Meta is already capitalizing on the VR aspects of the company’s plans as it sees its shares soaring. But Apple’s shares are higher. 

The metaverse is based on speculation. But advocates say that it could change how people work, play, shop, and engage in entertainment. 

Meanwhile, The iPhone maker backed an alternate payment system in South Korea. It will assist the company in complying with a law that prohibits operators of app store from forcing users to use their own in-app payment systems.

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