Apple’s Response to Epic Games’ Lawsuit: Epic Wants Special Treatment

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Apple’s Response to Epic Games’ Lawsuit: Epic Wants Special Treatment

Apple’s Response to Epic Games’ Lawsuit: Epic Wants Special Treatment

This is the first legal response of Apple after Epic Games filed a suit against the iPhone maker.

More than a week after Epic Games filed an antitrust legal fight against, Apple submitted evidence in a series of emails from Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney. According to the emails, Sweeney asked top Apple executives to allow them to offer its own mobile apps store while sparing Apple from getting a 30% cut.

Earlier this month, Sweeney stated that his company is not looking for a special deal with the iPhone maker. Rather, he and his team are fighting for “open platforms” and some changes in the policy to benefit all developers.

But Apple disputed Sweeney’s point. According to Phil Schiller, the former Apple Senior Vice President, Sweeney wrote him and his colleagues to ask for a side letter from Apple that would create special treatment for Epic. The deal would change how Epic offers apps on its iOS platform.

Sweeney asked permission to allow Fortnite players to pay Epic directly, thereby, bypassing in-app purchases. He also asked Apple to introduce a third-party app store for iPhones.

The morning that Epic Games changed Fornite’s payment mechanism, Sweeney emailed Schiller that Epic will no longer follow Apple’s payment processing rules.

The Epic Games CEO said that Apple’s restrictions prevented Epic to offer consumers some features in its iOS apps. He added that Apple should alter its standards documents to eliminate restrictions so Epic can provide a competing app store and payment option to its iOS players.

Epic asked for a restraining order to allow Fortnite to be back on the App Store. A hearing on this order will be scheduled for Monday in California.

Apple urged a federal court to deny Epic’s claims for the said restraining order.

The iPhone maker stated in the filing that if all developers are allowed to bypass the digital checkout, then it’s like allowing customers to leave a retail store without having to pay for the product. That is, Apple will not get paid.

Remove the Direct Payment Platform

Apple said that it would re-list Fortnite in App Store if it would remove the direct payment platform. Epic claimed that the iPhone maker threatened the company to shut down its developer accounts on iOS and macOS if it failed to adhere to App Store guidelines.

Epic tries to recruit other iOS developers to join them in their quest to make Apple change its fees. The game maker attempts to encourage players to unite with them using the “FreeFornite” Cup campaign.

In its campaign, Epic focused on Apple. However, it also attacked Google into removing its Fortnite game from the Play Store. Google is also charging a 30% fee on every in-app purchase.

Meanwhile, Apple is asking WordPress to support in-app purchases for its iOS app. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg stated on Twitter that the WordPress iOS app has no updates yet because Apple won’t approve it until it can support in-app payment options. But WordPress app isn’t selling anything.

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