Apple’s new iPad may Feature a 12.9” Display, NFC, Stylus

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Apple Insider, the Apple products fanatic website that keeps an eye on the Cupertino’s news and rumors, reports that the company is now working on its next version of iPad with quite a few number of changes. The site claims they have learned from their source that the new iPad will feature a 12.9-inch screen. This reported ‘larger version’ of Apple’s tablet is commonly referred as ‘iPad Pro’ among the tech enthusiasts. However, Apple Insider’s source could not tell a timetable when the device may arrive.

ipad pro blueprint

According to the source, the next iPad is expected to include a next generation A-series processor and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. While the iPad itself may not support tap-to-pay functionality from consumer’s side, but the device could work as Apple Pay payment receiver at merchant locations. By this time, you might have known that Apple Pay in iPhone requires a special NFC pad to complete transactions. So the iPad Pro may take this responsibility at terminals.

The inclusion of Near Field Communication could also enable easy pairing with accessories like the stylus that is reportedly in the works.

Reports about a potential stylus came earlier this year. The Apple-made stylus is also said to use Bluetooth to connect with the iPad.

Apple Insider adds the new iPad’s large display will sense pressure that means the stylus will be able to take benefit from this feature called ‘Force Touch.’ There have been reports that ‘iPhone 6S’ will also include Force Touch input feature which is already available on latest MacBooks and Apple Watch.

The source also told that the iPad Pro will come with a USB-C port. It may be a new, additional second port option or even it could replace the Lightning port.

However, we need to wait to get the official announcement about the next iPad. Interested in more stories about Apple products? Check our Apple news section.

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Author: Arafat Bin Sultan

Arafat Bin Sultan is a technology enthusiast MBA graduate who loves to learn and write everything about science, tech and business.

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