Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to Have Video Content by Hollywood Directors

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The AR/VR headset will be available next year. 

Apple Mixed Reality Headset

Apple is said to be working with Hollywood directors to feature video content for its mixed AR/VR headset. One of the directors involved is Jon Favreau. The story is based on the Apple TV Plus series that he produced. 

Favreau is the producer of Preshitoric Planet on Apple TV+. He’s said to be working with Apple to bring the show to life through AR/VR headset. It aims to provide AR/VR experiences.

But you’ll have to wait until 2023. 

Bloomberg reported that the mixed reality headset hit development snags so its release would be delayed until 2023. The headset is dealing with battery life issues, thereby, affecting its overall performance. 

In addition to that, the New York Times reports that some of the employees working on the headset left the company because they are concerned about how this product would change the way people interact. 

In that case, Apple might not introduce the mixed reality device at Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday. 

Although it won’t be announced this month, the company is likely to introduce software tools that enable apps to add new camera and voice functionality. The tools will give users a hands-free interface so they can easily navigate on the headset. 

The software would provide the foundation for VR and AR. It may also be useful for developers to start building their apps for the platform. This might serve as Apple’s first major product launch since it introduced the Apple Watch 7 years ago. 

It’s also its entry into the metaverse.

Even though Apple has reportedly previewed the AR/VR headset to the board, the headset is expected to launch in 2023. 

Apple has not confirmed it’s developing the headset. However, it’s said to offer immersive virtual reality experiences and vital overlays to make the objects look like they are part of the real world.

Yearly WWDC 

Apple will hold its yearly WWDC on June 6. The company is expected to show off its latest version of operating systems for iPhones, watches, Macs, etc. 

iOS 16 is one of the things that people anticipate. It may come with fresh Apple apps. 

The iPadOS 16 might come with multitasking improvements that could make this table a laptop substitute. Or the company might overhaul the notification system. 

Don’t expect Apple to say anything about the iPhone 14, though. But it may talk about the software features and APIs. 

Furthermore, the iOS 16 could finally bring an always-on lock screen. But this feature may be limited to the next-gen iPhone. 

Apple might also introduce new Macs. 

This prediction came along with a new list of computers that the company is working on. And includes a new Mac Pro. It’s a refreshed laptop lineup. 

Apple might also introduce one or two Mac Minis. 

There’s also a huge potential that Apple would debut its M2. There are no details yet on the improvements the M2 will bring.

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