Apple Watch Can Detect Symptoms of COVID-19 Before They Appear

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But it’s not just Apple Watch.

In new studies, researchers indicated that Apple Watch and other smartwatches could detect coronavirus before symptoms appear. 

The researchers of these separate studies are hoping that Apple Watch could play a role in ending the pandemic and other communicable diseases. 

How Apple Watch Can Help? 

This smartwatch can detect subtle changes in the person’s heartbeat, seven days before COVID-19 symptoms appear. 

Researchers analyzed HR variability. They studied almost 300 health care workers who were wearing Apple Watches. 

The report, which appeared on CBS News, stated that the goal of the studies was to utilize tools that can identify infections before the person knew he/she is sick. 

HR variability is an important indication as changes happen when there’s inflammation in the body. With the use of this smartwatch, experts can predict that a person is infected before he/she knows it. 

Currently, people will tell their doctors that they are sick. But by using an Apple Watch, experts can identify if the wearers have the disease even without symptoms. With that in mind, it could help control infectious diseases. 

Most of the COVID-19 infections are spread by asymptomatic patients. If a person can know if he/she has the infection without experiencing symptoms, he/she can choose to self-isolate. 

In another study, researchers used Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple. They found that these smartwatches could tell changes in resting HR up to 9 days before the symptoms arise in patients with COVID-19. 

One of the advantages of smartwatches is that they are on the wrist of the owner. In that case, data-gathering is constant. 

The wearer doesn’t need to input data. The smartwatch will do that. 

Furthermore, these devices can measure your HR readings 24/7.  

Apple didn’t participate in any of these studies. The CDC also published a model stating how smartwatches can minimize the spread of COVID-19 by asymptomatic patients. 

Is Apple Watch the Best Option? 

In those studies, researchers used different smartwatches. If you have the budget, then opt for Apple Watch. However, you can only choose the Watch if you have an iPhone. 

You don’t need the latest Watch, though. The Watch SE has the features that you need in monitoring your HR. It has premium specs with a high-end design. Plus, most of its features aren’t available in other smartwatches. 

However, its battery life isn’t the best on the market. 

If you want better battery life, then opt for Fitbit Versa 3. It focuses on fitness and it’s more affordable than the Watch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also a better option. Its battery can last up to two days before you’ll need to recharge it. It has a sportier appeal and it’s also lighter than those two smartwatches mentioned. 

These smartwatches can do lots of tricks. They can continuously monitor your HR. But compared to other smartwatches, Apple Watch can provide more accurate HR readings and step counts. 

Here are some tricks and tips to help you maximize the use of your Apple Watch.

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