Apple Updated Siri to Answer Questions About COVID-19

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Many tech companies are helping to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, we reported about Google Coronavirus website. It is an informational website and not the kind of website that President Trump promised. But it is still a useful tool, nonetheless. Apple, too, is doing its part by updating Siri to answer some questions regarding COVID-19. 

Apple Updated Siri to Answer Questions About COVID-19 


Updated Siri

If you ask Siri if you have coronavirus, it will lead you to various quick questions about your symptoms, like shortness of breath, fever, and dry cough. The US Public Health Service provided the answer. Siri can also direct you to the CDC site. It can also call the emergency services. 

If your symptoms are severe, though, Siri will encourage you to call 911. Then, it will direct you to App Store so you can download its telehealth apps for any remote consultations. 

However, the question and answer updates are only available in the US. If you live in the UK, for instance, you will be directed to your national health resources. 

Apple and several tech companies are launching various efforts to fight this pandemic. For example, Apple donated more than $15 million and contributed face masks. 

But updating Siri is said to be the most obvious. If you have an Apple device, you can easily determine if you have COVID-19 or just the ordinary flu. 

The tech industry is fighting from the effects of coronavirus. For instance, some streaming services are lowering their video quality as more and more people are staying at home and watching movies. 

Then, many major events have been canceled. Most workers now are working remotely. The biggest names in tech are helping in halting the spread of COVID-19. 

As of March 22, there are more than 316,000 confirmed cases around the world and over 13,000 deaths. And more than 94,000 who tested positive have recovered. 

In the US, the death toll is at 400. President Trump has not considered, yet, a nationwide quarantine. He also did not order curfew. However, he is looking at some areas with high case counts. 

Governments around the world are doing their best to minimize the huge impact of this pandemic. They are also releasing stimulus packages to curb financial impact. Some countries’ health care capacity is on the verge of collapse. 

There are more cases in the US because of its increased capacity to test individuals. More labs are pleading to increase its production of testing kits. In that case, as more tests are available, we can expect that more COVID-19 cases to be discovered and reported. 

Ohio and Louisiana ordered their citizens to stay home. They are the latest states to do such a thing. 

Outside the US, Syria, a war-ravaged country, reported its first COVID-19 case. 

Self-isolating and social distancing can help in curbing the spread of coronavirus. However, it is not easy. Then again, they must be done.

If you have flu-like symptoms, you may use Apple’s telehealth apps to talk to a healthcare provider, rather than heading to the emergency room. This will help to minimize people from going to the ER and overwhelming the healthcare system.

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