Apple Starts Accepting Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 for Trade-in to Get a New iPhone

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It also includes Galaxy Note 20. 

Apple has been offering a trade-in program for quite some time now. It’s a program that lets you trade in your device for credit to your next purchase. 

The company considered it a better way to say goodbye to your favorite device. 

Before, Apple only accepted old iPhones for trade-in. Recently, it’s being reported that you can now exchange your Android phones for a credit. 

Trading in your old device will help you save money to buy a new iPhone. 

What Android Phones You Can Trade-In? 

Apple increased the number of phones it accepts through its program that lets you get a credit that you can use to buy a new Apple product. MacRumors said that Apple starts accepting Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20. 

When you trade-in one of these Android devices, you can receive a maximum of $350 of credit. Trading in your Pixel 4a, for instance, will help you get up to $180 of credit. 

Apple has accepted some Pixel models before. However, it didn’t allow trading in newer models. 

But the company doesn’t accept Samsung Galaxy S21, which is a newer model. Apple didn’t explain why. But it could be because it’s a new model and owners might not be willing to part with their brand new phone yet. 

The exact value of your device will depend on its condition. Apple will evaluate it. The fewer scratches and dents, the higher the value will be. 

And of course, the device must still function properly. 

On the other hand, if your device isn’t on the list of devices that you can trade-in, you can still drop it off at Apple and the company will recycle the device. It’s good for the planet. 

What of Your Data?

You can delete all your data from your device before handing it off. Apple will also teach you how to back up your data and wipe it out so you can keep your data to yourself. 

If you’re trading in an Apple device, it’ll be easier because you just need to use an iCloud or Time Machine. 

Helping the Planet through Apple Trade-In

The trade-in program won’t only help you save money when buying a new iPhone but it also helps in saving the planet. 

The device may still have more to give even though you no longer like it. If it’s still in good shape, someone can still use it. 

If it’s no longer functioning, some of its parts may still be useful. Thus, Apple will send your device to its recycling partner. 

In that way, your device won’t end up in the landfill. When it goes to a recycling company, its precious materials will be recycled to be used in creating a new device.  

How to Send Your Device to Apple? 

The easiest way is to just drop it off at an Apple Store. But if it’s a hassle, you may mail it out. Apple will give you a trade-in kit and shipping label. 

After a thorough evaluation, Apple will decide how much it’s worth and you’ll get instant credit or an Apple gift card that you can use to purchase a new iPhone.

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