Apple to Adopt RCS Messaging Standard — Will It be the End of SMS?

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Apple RCS Messaging 

Apple announced that it will soon include the RCS messaging standard in its iPhone. The support for the messaging standard will be coming next year. Android phones already have RCS standards. 

What is RCS Standard? 

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a communication protocol designed to replace the traditional SMS messaging system. It is intended to provide a richer, more interactive messaging experience. It is similar to what is being offered by popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. 

The key features of RCS will include read receipts. It enables you to see when your messages have been delivered and read by the recipient. It also shows typing indicators. It supports high-quality media share, group chat, file sharing, and enhancing calling. 

The adoption of RCS is seen to bring a more modern and feature-rich messaging experience to standard SMS. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional texting and the more advanced features offered by over-the-top messaging apps. 

iPhone support RCS would allow users to enjoy the enhanced messaging features when they communicate with friends or family who use Android devices or other platforms that support it. It also helps avoid fragmentation in the messaging experience and ensures that users can take advantage of the full range of features regardless of the devices they are using. 

RCS support allows for a more seamless transition between SMS and RCS messaging. It provides a unified messaging experience for users. 

Previously, Apple favored the iMessage platform and ignored RCS. It resulted in a layer of incompatibility. 

Apple relies on SMS and MMS to bridge the gap between messaging platforms. It is the only company that does not support RCS. Major players already support it. 

The End of SMS

When Apple would add support for RCS, it could signal the end of SMS. Many experts agree that SMS must go. It can die so that all security flaws associated with it will be eliminated. 

Even though it will arrive next year, it is still closer than what the company has planned. Last year, the company did not even consider supporting it. In fact, its CEO joked about “buying your mom an iPhone” if you have difficulty communicating with Android users. 

But Apple felt the pressure. 

Google even launched a public campaign to encourage Apple to adopt the standard. But Apple simply shrugged it off. 

Apple is likely motivated to support it after the recent Digital Markets Act. It is legislation that calls for companies to offer greater interoperability between messaging services. 

The company has a habit of following the law but also screams about it. For instance, Apple was adamant about changing its ports to USB-C standard. But it only did so this year after the legislation forced it to do so. 

Apple did not state anything about the green chat bubbles. Chats between iPhone users would show up in blue-shaded bubbles. However, messages from Android users would be in green bubbles. Despite providing support to RCS, Apple may still choose to label other brands as outsiders in the group chat.

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