Apple Testing USB-C iPhones — May Soon Ditch Lighting Ports

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It might be ready in 2023. 

Testing USB-C iPhones 

Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing USB-C iPhones. However, this new iPhone lineup won’t be coming until 2023.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst, also reported it through her tweets this week. She said that Apple might swap to USB-C. 

However, this report isn’t a complete surprise. The company has already used USB-C for its iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. In September, the EU proposed that tech companies would have to make devices to include USB-C ports. It can be a key reason for Apple’s decision to change its port. 

The main goal of the legislation is to reduce e-waste. At that time, the proposal was thought to impact Apple significantly. The iPhone maker has been using its proprietary Lightning connector, instead of USB-C connectors. The USB connector has already been adopted by most of Apple’s competitors.

The legislation will also apply to other devices, and not just to smartphones. Manufacturers must also make their ports interoperable. With this change, customers can buy new devices without a charger. 

A Portless iPhone 

Some reports talk about Apple’s plans to develop a portless iPhone. In recent years, the company has been working on smartphones that come with no charging port. However, the latest report by Bloomberg doesn’t suggest that the iPhone maker will release portless smartphones anytime soon. 

Should You Ditch Your Lightning Cables? 

You should not ditch your lightning cables just yet. As mentioned, the USB-C iPhones won’t be coming until 2023. The new iPhones that will arrive this year might still come with a lightning port, just like their predecessors. 

Dropping the lightning port can be a pain for Apple and consumers. Apple will lose on licensing fees. iPhone users will also have to replace their Lighting accessories or opt for a rumored adapter. 

Ditching the Lighting port can still be a good outcome for consumers. They no longer have to pack on several cables when traveling. Just one cable is enough to be used to charge devices. 

However, there’s still a huge chance that Apple will abandon it and decide to continue making the iPhone with a Lightning port, instead of a USB-C port. Or it may also release portliness iPhones soon. 

When the USB-C legislation announcement was released, Apple disagreed with it. According to the company, the mandate will harm consumers in Europe and people around the world. It has also objected to the proposals that shifting to USB-C will reduce e-waste. Instead, Apple thinks that people will only force their existing Lightning accessories if they are not compatible with the standard. 

Even though Apple may not release a USB-C port in 2023, it’s still making efforts to reduce e-waste. For instance, it has stopped shipping earbuds in the box with new iPhones. Instead, it only supplied them with a Lightning to USB-C cable. 

The only way to find out if Apple would indeed abandon Lightning and move to a USB-C port is to wait until 2023.

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