Apple Spring Loaded Event Highlights: New iMacs, AirTag, iPhone 12, iOS, and More

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Apple announced a slew of new products during its Spring Loaded event. 

Many have speculated about what new Apple products will be unveiled. Now, the time has come. 

Apple Spring Loaded Event Announced New iMacs

Last month, Apple discontinued selling its iMac Pro. But experts anticipated that the company would release a redesigned iMac. 

And indeed, Apple announced a new iMac with an M1 chip. With this chip, the internal hardware was shrunk. The new iMac is only 11.5 millimeters deep with a smaller logic board. 

Because it uses an M1 chip, it’ll make all apps run faster. 

The new iMacs will get a 24-inch and 4.5 k display with 11.3 million pixels. It’ll be available in 7 colors, including mint and lavender. 

Apple AirTag 

Finally, Apple revealed it. AirTag has been the company’s kept secret for a few years now. 

This is a tile-like Bluetooth locator that you can attach to your keys, laptops, or your car. AirTag will help you find them if you’ve lost them through the built-in chips.  

You can locate the items when you connect them to the Find My app.

This is a stainless steel device that can resist water and dust. It has a built-in speaker that you can play while you locate it. 

Location trackers aren’t new. But AirTag’s U1 chip can determine accurately the distance and where to find the lost item. 

iPhone 12 and 12 Mini in New Color 

Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone. Rather, it unveiled iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in a new purple color. 

The company will also release a new MagSafe leather case in deep violet. You can also start ordering today its silicone case in Capri blue, cantaloupe, pistachio, and amethyst. 

The iPhone 12 in the new purple color will be shipped with the latest iOS called iOS 14.5. 

Apple said that it will continue to sell iPhone 12 and mini in existing colors. 

iOS 14.5 

This is the iOS that Facebook is worried about. And Apple will release it next week. Although this upcoming iOS has a lot of new features, the one that’s being closely monitored is the App Tracking Transparency. 

When you install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone, you will see a pop-up message asking you if you wish to be tracked. You can either opt-in or opt-out. 

Facebook and other companies that depend on online advertising fear this privacy change. They said that it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of their targeted ads and can adversely affect their online advertising business. 

Starting on April 26, all apps must support ATT

But that’s not all it can do. The iOS 14.5 will have new voices for Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. It also adds a feature that lets you unlock your iPhone even when you wear a mask. 

Apple TV Remote

This product is one of the weakest ones of Apple’s lineup. But it may change now after Apple unveiled a redesigned Sir remote along with the new Apple TV 4K. 

Many issues of the existing Apps TV remote may be resolved with this new remote.

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