Apple Siri Speaker To Take On Google And Amazon

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Apple Siri Speaker To Take On Google And Amazon


Apple is reportedly manufacturing Siri-controlled speaker. It could debut in June during the annual developer conference. Despite that, it won’t be ready to ship.

This speaker will have a virtual surround sound technology. It’s also integrated with the product lineup of the company. When it launches, it serves several purposes. But the main thing is to provide a connection to automate appliances and lights through the HomeKit system. It can also lock customers tightly to Apple’s ecosystem.

With those things in mind, it could compete effectively with the connected speakers of Google and Amazon. Currently, the Home and Echo aren’t compatible with Apple services. But without compatibility, users are more likely to choose Echo or Home and use other streaming services than Apple Music.

As iPhone sales slowed down, Tim Cook focused on the company’s services businesses. He states that the service revenue might double three years from now. With the Siri-controlled speaker, it may help in keeping their customers to be loyal to the service products.

For months now, Apple employees are testing the device in their homes. Late last year, the speaker has reached an advanced prototype stage.

The annual developer’s conference this year will introduce new hardware. It’ll be the first since 2013. The company might also announce its updated tablets. The last updated iPad Pro was seen in March 2016. It also hasn’t refreshed its 12.9-inch model since 2015.

During the conference, the company will introduce latest versions of its MacBook and Pro. These versions will use faster Intel processors.

Virtual Surround Sound

Apple will add a more advanced sound technology to give its speaker an edge over its competitors. It’ll be louder, and the sound is crisper than its rivals. It may also include sensors that can measure the acoustics of the room and adjust the sound level automatically.

The company may also allow third-party companies to build products for it. Uber and Facebook are the first two companies that developed products for Siri enabling users to request a ride or send a WhatsApp message using a voice command.

With this speaker, users can control its devices, such as windows blinds and door locks, through HomeKit automation system. Currently, iPad is needed to control them when users are outside their home.

But Google and Amazon are already upgrading their speakers ahead of Apple’s launch. Google Home offers support so users can make voice calls. Amazon’s speaker, on the other hand, has a touchscreen. But Siri-controlled speaker won’t have this type of screen, unfortunately.

It’s not the first time that Apple offered its customers speakers with excellent sound quality. In 2006, it introduced iPod Hi-Fi. However, the company discontinued it because of its high price and huge size. With this new speaker, Apple may do better.

Apple’s WWDC keynote will happen this Monday. Every person who loves Apple products would like to know what the company has in store for its loyal users. Will it introduce its long-rumored speaker or it could be something else?

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