Apple Reportedly Working on 7-Inch HomePod

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Next-Gen HomePod with Display

In the first half of 2024, Apple could release a new type of HomePod with a display. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo, Apple might unveil its next-gen HomePod with a 7-inch panel next year. The display will be manufactured by Tianma, a Chinese supplier. 

It could be tightly integrated with Apple’s other hardware products. Ming said that it is a significant shift in Apple’s smart home strategy. 

Tianma will be the only supplier of the redesigned display. If the partnership goes well, the company will also supply iPad panels in the future. 

It was Mark Gurman who first suggested that the company is working on new HomePod models that come with cameras and displays. He also reported that it is working on Muti-touch functionality for the said device. 

The company is rethinking its smart home strategy and working on combining Apple TV and HomePod devices. Although HomePod is running a variant of tvOS, there are signs that the company is working on a new platform. 

Smart Home

HomePod could be a device to focus more on the smart home, instead of being just a music device. 

If it works like an Amazon Echo Show, people would expect it to have high-quality audio speakers. The goal of the HomePod is to have an all-around sound. 

Apple produces a range of smart speakers, alongside Mac computers, iPad tablets, and iPhones. The HomePod 2 is sonically capable. 

It delivers a mind-blowing sound that topples other smart speakers. But because it’s an Apple product, it is locked into the ecosystem. Most of all, not all can afford it because it’s a bit pricey.

The current HomePod line has no smart displays, unlike Amazon Echo Show which has screens attached to the speaker. The display is used to display information. With the display, you can see a video feed from your smart home cameras or follow a recipe while you cook a meal. 

We can expect the new HomePod with a screen to offer a better sound. Amazon Echo lacks great audio capabilities. It is one area where HomePods could excel.

For now, we can wish and hope that Kuo is correct in his prediction. By the time comes, we can now understand what he means by tighter integration. It can be that the HomePod can be used for FaceTime or use HomePod to manage the phone’s files and notifications from the display. 

Apple is in the middle of catching up with its competitors in this space. Because of that, users can choose to buy the HomePod mini or the 2nd-gen HomePod that the company introduced in January. The new model has a touch panel. Unfortunately, it has limited capabilities, including skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. 

If you can’t wait for the HomePod with a screen, you may check out other smart speakers and smart displays that are already available now. The current price for the HomePod mini is $99.99 on Amazon. On the other hand, if you prefer Amazon’s Echo, the cheapest price is $84.99.

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