Apple Reportedly Revealing Apple TV With Siri And Apple Store This Summer

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After years of much speculation and rumors, Apple is on the verge of releasing a new iteration this summer; precisely at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, according Buzzfeed.

According to the report, the hardware will be refreshed with a new design, Apple’s A8 chipset, increased on-board storage, as well as Siri and Homekit integration. While none of that come as a surprise, the platform will still be powered up for more content, which will further make it more convenient to use. As a matter of fact, it makes more sense to use Siri without a keyboard.

Last Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the rumored subscription internet TV service Apple has been working hard to get off the ground for the past six years seems destined for the market. Buzzfeed reliably gathered from people familiar with the matter that a follow-up to its recently discontinued Apple TV set box is bound for the market as well. The report categorically said that the tech giant intends to reveal the device at its annual World Wide Developers Conference this summer. That is not all; Buzzfeed also added that Apple would also show off its long-awaited App Store and a software development kit to help developers populate it.

Apple TV

Earlier this month, Apple cut the price of Apple TV to $69, which also gives some credibility to the report suggesting that a new product is in the offing. Apple recently made strategic partnership with HBO for the content provider’s soon-to-be-released streaming service, with reports suggesting that the smartphone giant is expected to offer 25 channels including streaming from CBS, ABC, and Fox before the end of the year.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Apple is in talks with some Internet service providers, including Comcast to have television considered a managed service. Should this see the light of the day, then it would put TV programming on its own channel.

Reports of Apple’s TV price cuts, the recent deal with HBO for its streaming service, speculations of ongoing talks with Internet service providers for a un-congested Internet lane, and report from Buzzfeed of a revamped Apple TV, all indicate that the Cupertino-based smartphone giant is making a serious going into the world of television. As a matter of fact, all these reports and speculations are indicating that Apple has bigger plans and not just a side project as a lot of people have come to suggest.

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