Apple Removed Third-Party Headphones and Speakers from Apple Store: Is the Rumor True? 

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Does it mean it’s about to launch its own speakers and headphones? 

Apple was rumored to be launching its own set of headphones and speakers. And it sounds like the rumor is true. 

At the end of September, the company stopped selling third-party headphones, speakers, and other devices as it’s preparing to introduce a slate of audio products. People can now shop for a more affordable HomePod, for instance. 

All products from Bose, Sonos, and Logitech were purged from Apple Store late last month. Apple’s brick-and-mortar outlets were told to get rid of the third-party headphones and speakers from their store shelves. 

On Apple’s websites, you can’t find products from third-party companies. Instead, if you search for an audio product, you will be given an alternative Apple product. 

Bloomberg first spotted the changes. With these changes, it means that you can only buy headphones, speakers, and headphones made by Apple if you go to Apple Store. 

Apple is regularly evaluating the third-party products that it’s selling. Every third-party product is chosen to ensure that it will help its customers in maximizing its devices. 

In the past, Apple also removed items from its website and in-store that compete directly with its own. For instance, Apple used to sell Fitbit. However, when it launched Apple Watch, it removed Fitbit from its Apple Store. 

Then again, the company removed other products that aren’t linked to a launch. In that case, the purging of those products might not be related to new Apple devices. 

Apple will conduct its iPhone event this month. It will also launch another product in November. These events might highlight Apple’s AirPods Studio. This will be an alternative to Beats Solo Pro. It’s wireless and it comes with active noise cancellation. 

The company hasn’t revealed anything about AirPods Studios yet. However, the wireless headphone niche is saturated. 

Hence, Apple must offer its customers exceptional audio quality. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have joined the party but Sony and Bose have already been providing high-quality Bluetooth options at relatively low prices. 

Apple may continue to use AirPods as part of its branding. It makes sense considering that Apple sold millions of AirPods in the past. And if it’s true that Apple will be selling new AirPods this year, it’s going to sell like hotcakes. 

The company might release two designs. One is a higher-end model. And the other one is focused on fitness but it’s made with lighter weight materials. However, both versions will have magnetic ear cups and headband padding that you can swap out just like Apple Watch bands. 

The Studio will have a U1 Ultra Wideband chip that will make sure you don’t lose them. 

Sonos Stock Price is Down 

After the report that Apple purged its third-party audio products from Apple Store and retail stores, Sonos stock fell in extended trading. 

You can still find Logitech cases, keyboards, and webcams. However, its stock was affected. It was down 1% hours after Bloomberg reported it.

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