Apple Releases iOS 16 — Are the Improvements Mind-Blowing?

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Apple iOS 16 is available for iPhone 8 and onwards. 

iOS 16 for iPhone 8 and Newer Devices

The new version of iOS is filled with changes to the app and screen. Among the improvements included, the lock screen is the center of attention. From being just a clock, it now becomes a second home screen. 

Lock Screen with a New Purpose 

It is an instant upgrade because you can quickly see the page of widgets without unlocking your phone. You can choose what to display on your iPhone if it is unlocked. 

Before iOS 16, you would have to pick up your phone and unlock it to open your favorite app. Although you can just ask Siri to open the app, the latest updates make things easier to access. 

You can just put those widgets on your lock screen. It is a better solution, indeed. 

And if you have an always-on display iPhone 14 Pro, you can get the information that you need from your phone without a single tap. 

Dynamic Island 

It is an improvement that lets you see a piece of tiny information at the top of the screen. Tap it to open the app to expand the widget. Life Activities are interactive widgets that will give you live updates on scores. 

Generally, the widgets on the locked screen are just app shortcuts.

How to Download the Latest iOS? 

You can go to Settings, hit General, and tap Software Update. If iOS 16 is available on your phone, you can hit the Download and install button

But before you do so, make sure that you back up your data first. 

For some people, waiting for a few days before downloading will spare them the risk of inconvenient bugs that were not fixed during the beta testing. However, if you are a risk taker, you should go ahead and download it. 

Are the Updates Big? 

It is a huge update because it will take up to 2.8 GB on your iPhone. It also takes more than an hour to download and install it. But it still depends on the speed of your Internet. 

Nevertheless, make sure that when you download the update, you can wait for an hour before you can start using your phone again. 

The updates come with new accessibility features. One is the system-wide closed captioning and another is the real-time image recognition. You will also find the haptic feedback useful when you type. 

Unread and Edit in Messages 

This is one of the nifty features you will appreciate. You can mark a read conversation as unread in Messages. If you are the type of person to forget about the message after reading it, you can easily mark that message so you can get back to it later. 

You can also unsend and edit a message. This will only work when you and your recipient use iOS 16. If you have changed the text, you will see a small blue Edited symbol under the message. 

Overall, the iOS 16 makes your iPhone a bit better.

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