Apple Releases iOS 14.4 to Fix Security Bugs that Hackers Actively Exploited

Apple just released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 to stop a remote attack. Why it’s necessary to update now? Read on to find out more. 

When you visit Apple’s update notes, you’ll find some worrying details. Under Kernel status, it states that

“A malicious application may be able to elevate privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.” 

It also adds that a remote attacker may cause “arbitrary code execution.” 

Whether or not you understand the statement, Apple wants you to update your iOS device ASAP. 

A Security Flaw in Apple’s Mobile Operating Systems 

Many people assume that Apple devices are resistant to any security bugs. But they’re not. 

Hackers can still exploit its operating systems. 

The good thing is that Apple is quick to fix those flaws. 

Apple recently found a security bug in its operating systems. There’s evidence that an attacker has exploited it. 

Unfortunately, the iPhone maker didn’t provide further details of the exploit. It means that we don’t know yet who used the security bug and how they used it. 

The breaches are major bugs. 

As mentioned earlier, Apple stated that a malicious app may elevate privileges. It means that it could perform things that it’s not supposed to do. 

Apple couldn’t provide any details. But the app could have entered Apple’s tight security protocol. 

The company also noted the WebKit exploit. When a remote attacker causes arbitrary code execution, it can do things on your iDevice without the need to get hold of your device. 

The attacker can control it when you visit a site it controls. 

For that reason, you must update your iPhone and iPad immediately to prevent those attackers from breaking your devices. 

iOS 14 Release 

Apple already released iOS 14 in September. It’s a major update that will let you add widgets for your home screen. You can also choose another web browser if you don’t want to use Safari. 

When you receive a call, it won’t dominate the entire screen. Rather, it will just show up in a form of a banner. 

To start updating your iPhone or iPad, go to your iDevice’s Settings, tap General and look for Software Update. When you see it, tap download and install. 

But this update won’t get rid of the prompt to show users asking for their permission for the app to track them. 

iOS 14 has been a controversial mobile operating system of Apple. It may significantly affect businesses, like Facebook, as users can now choose whether or not they want apps to track them. 

Facebook is worried that it can negatively affect its revenue. A huge portion of Facebook users is iOS device owners. The social media platform feared that the majority of iOS users will prohibit the app from tracking them. 

Even though many iOS users may opt-out, it’s not the end of Facebook ads. The company is already too big to fail. 

As for Apple, it has yet to provide more details about the exploits. For now, you need to update your iOS device as soon as you can.

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