Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta That You Can Try Now

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Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta That You Can Try Now

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta That You Can Try Now

Surprisingly, Apple released a beta version of its iOS 10 for you to try on. The tech company is expected to unveil its brand new iPhone in September and its next iPad to follow after.

If you want to try it out, you should know that it carries some risks, just like any other pre-release programs. That means your handset may run cranky. Then, some of its apps may misbehave.

However, if you are brave enough to proceed despite the risks, you can head to Beta Apple. In that site, you will also find the beta version of MacOS Sierra. The same risks will also apply.

Those who have tried the iOS 10 beta said that not all promised features are there. Then again, there are several attractive, useful features.

Some of those features require an update of third-party apps that are not yet available. Siri, for example, could help you get a cab through Lyft. However, for this function to be available, it needs an updated Lyft app. It is also the first time for Apple to make Siri available for app developers.

Several of the latest features are mostly updates and Apple’s take on its rivals. Then again, it does have a bunch of enhancements that Apple enthusiasts will love.

iOS 10 beta lets you wake up your iPhone by just picking it up, which can be handy for some users. This wake feature, however, is not available for older iPhones and iPad. This latest iOS is only compatible with iPhone 5, 6th generation iPod, 4th generation iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

Another exciting feature of the latest iOS is that it allows you to scan your phone for videos or photos from an event using the Photos app. The app will automatically put them in Memories. It can also create movies automatically out of those pictures in the Memories with theme music and transitions. However, in beta mode, this functionality is not accessible.

Then, if you swipe up a photo, you can see the information for that image, such as where it was taken and shortcuts to other photos you have captured that day.

It can also scan your photo library to recognize objects and people in a scene. This feature allows you to search quickly for them later on. Now, if you type the term, “dog”, for example, the photo app will show you photos of your pet dog.

Apple Maps

This iOS app was universally criticized by the public because of its laggy interface and broken business directly. But iOS 10 beta showed that Apple had made some enhancements to its Maps. It now displays the temperature of your current location, which you can find in the lower part of the screen.

Apple Maps app enables you to find gas stations and places where you can eat while going somewhere.

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta That You Can Try Now

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta That You Can Try Now

You can also adjust the volume of the voice so you can better navigate. Then, it will also show your parked location. But you need to enable Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth in your car before you can take advantage of this feature.

These are just a few of the features that you can try when you download and install iOS 10 beta. If you don’t like taking the risks, though, you can still get the iOS 10 for free when it is released formally by Apple in the fall.

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