Apple Reclaims Top Smartphone Vendor Crown: Apple Shipped More iPhones

Thanks to the release of the Apple iPhone 12

On Monday, Gartner released data about smartphone sales last year. According to data, Apple has shipped more iPhones than other smartphone makers during the last quarter of last year. 

In the last quarter, Apple shipped nearly 80 million units. It surpassed other smartphone makers, including Huawei and Samsung. 

In 2016, Apple fell from the top after Samsung toppled the iPhone maker. 

Apple had a robust holiday quarter. The data also inferred that the iPhone 12 devices with the 5G feature were a sure hit in the smartphone market. 

The number of shipped iPhones also indicated that Apple handled the pandemic better than its rivals. 

IDC report also showed that Apple shipped more than 90 million iPhones in the said quarter. 

However, the data didn’t show how many units were actually sold. 

But Apple said that its revenue from iPhones increased by 17% in the fourth quarter. The company’s business is seasonal. 

Typically, Apple’s sales are the biggest in terms of sales during the last quarter of the year. 

Samsung Shipments 

Even though Apple’s shipments increased and its sales grew, Samsung shipped the most devices for the full year. 

Overall, global smartphone shipment reduced to 5.4% last year because of the pandemic. 

Huawei suffered the most. 

Its sales fell 24.1% last year. It struggled to penetrate the US market because of the sanctions. In November 2020, the company announced that it would sell budget smartphone business further denting its sales going forward. 

Even though Samsung didn’t face the same obstacles as Huawei, its shipments still fell. 

5G Smartphones 

Apple iPhones weren’t the first smartphones on the market that featured 5G. 

Before iPhone 12 was released, other devices already worked on the newer networks. In other words, Apple was already late to the game. But its delay didn’t affect its sales. 

Consumers were cautious in their spending because of the pandemic. However, some users were encouraged to purchase new iPhones because of their 5G and pro-camera features

Will the Smartphone Market Recover this Year? 

The demand for 5G smartphones will see a rise this year. Thus, it may help in boosting smartphone sales. 

In that case, the iPhone 12’s popularity will continue to climb throughout 2021. It may help Apple reach a $3T valuation this year. 

Analysts considered iPhone 12 as a super cycle. As mentioned, it enjoyed high sales. It will do better this year. 

Apple might sell more than 240 million units this year. 

Better for Apple 

In addition to selling more iPhones this year, Apple’s business will further fly as it can hook people with its services, like music, TV, gaming, and news. These services are all powered by Apple’s hardware. 

Apple announced its new line of computers with M1 chips. They are designed for better performance without using more battery life. In other words, they are better than the Intel chips. 

Even though Apple’s service didn’t attract a lot of money, its iPhone devices did. iPhone 12 has been the company’s most successful product in the last 5 years.

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