Apple is Allowing Parler to Return to App Store

Apple will let Parler come back to App Store after kicking it off the platform.

Removing Parler from App Store in January 

Parler was removed from App Store in January after the Capitol riots. Apple said at that time that the social media favored by Conservatives hosted rule-breaking content. 

Apple also stated that the free speech social media app didn’t take measures to address the burgeoning threats to people’s safety. It noted that Parler can come back to the App Store only if the issues have been resolved. 

But on April 14, Apple sent a letter to Congress stating that it’s allowing Parler to return to its iOS app store after the social media improved its way to detect and moderate content. 

With this decision of Apple, Parler can now be downloaded on Apple devices after it will flip the switch. 

In the letter which was addressed to Rep. Ken Buck and Sen. Mike Lee, Apple explained that Parler proposed updates to its app and its moderation practices. 

Censored by the Big Tech

Parler is popular among conservatives or those who follow former US President Donald Trump. The removal was the result of its content that called for violence, days leading up to the Capitol riots.

Because of how Parler moderated its content, Apple and other tech giants removed the social media app from their platforms. Many conservatives chastised Big Tech’s ban as an act of censorship. 

After the ban, Apple asked the social media in question to make sure it has filtering features and a way for users to report objectionable content. 

Apple also suggested that Parler must have the ability to block any abusive user. Plus, it must include contact information where users can reach the developer. 

It’s not yet clear when Parler will update its app to make it available on iOS devices. 

In February, Parler fired its co-founder and chief executive John Matze

A few weeks after that, the app came back online but not on App Store. Parler said that it was not working with a big tech provider. Rather, it’s using sustainable, independent technology. 

But two months after, Apple decided to restore Parler to its app store. 

Following the report of CNN, Parler didn’t release an announcement about the changes. Amazon and Google also didn’t comment on the matter. 

Parler Values Free Speech

Parler thrives to be the main social media platform that values free speech, civil dialogue, and privacy. The app said that when the Big Tech cut ties with Parler it meant to silence tens of millions of Americans.

Although Parler has been kicked from the App Store, users who have downloaded the app can still log in. But you didn’t have it before it has been removed, you can’t access it. 

Since it was also removed from Play Store, Android users can still download it but it has to come from a source that’s outside Google Play Store. 

It’ll be challenging for Parler to encourage free speech while moderating its content. 

For now, let’s wait for Parler to update its app to meet App Store’s requirements.

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