Apple Music Student Plan is Now at $5.99 a Month — What Countries are Affected?

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Apple Music quietly increased its student plan’s price. 

Apple Music Student Plan 

Truly, nothing can escape inflation. And yes, it includes music. Recently, Apple jacks up its Apple Music student plan. From just $4.99, Apple will now charge students $5.99. 

Michael Burkhardt, an app developer, noted the price hike. He said that Apple raised its prices for the said plan in some countries. On June 23, Apple started charging students in the US, United Kingdom, and Canada $5.99 to use the app. 

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t announce the pricing changes. If you have an individual plan, though, the price remains at $9.99 in the US and Canada. 

Before the price changes, students could get a 50% discount on the monthly subscription price. Now, it’s being offered at a 40% discount off the standard subscription rate. 

What is the Cheapest Apple Music Plan? 

For now, the cheapest plan is the Apple Music Voice plan and you can subscribe at $4.99 a month. This plan was launched last year but it’s designed to be used for HomePod speakers and AirPods. With this plan, you can’t use Siri commands to access Apple Music

Subscribers of this cheapest plan can access the app’s catalog of 90 million songs, as well as thousands of playlists. They can also play hundreds of activity playlists and genre stations. 

Previously, Apple hiked its prices for Apple Music in several countries, such as New Zealand, India, Australia, Israel, and the Philippines. 

So, is this the best time for you to switch to Spotify? 

Spotify vs Apple Music

For now, the Spotify student plan is available at $4.99 a month. But when it comes to music, both apps can stream music without issue. 

You can listen to your favorite songs. What makes Spotify stand out, though, is that it has a free version while Apple Music doesn’t offer such a tier. The free plan of Spotify is an attractive option for many users who simply want to listen to music and don’t care about ads. 

However, not all users are willing to give up their music experience just to save a bit of money. Thus, they choose Apple Music’s offers. It has a high-fidelity experience. 

Between the two music streaming services, your choice will still depend on your preference. 

You can try Apple Music for free for one month. If you like it, then you can subscribe to its premium service. However, if you dislike paying money to stream music, then Spotify’s free version is a better option. You just have to deal with some restrictions like not being able to skip songs or listen to ads. 

To help choose between the two options, you need to consider the songs and audio content of each service. Keep in mind that there’s no point paying $5 if it has no music that you like. Each service has a lot of music that you can get through. But Apple has more catalog to offer than Spotify. As mentioned, Apple offers 90 million songs while Spotify has over 82 million tracks. 

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