Apple Music Special Announcement: Could It Be a Lossless Audio Tier?

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Apple Music started to tease its subscribers about an upcoming feature. 

Apple is rumored to offer a new lossless audio tier for its subscription service. Some expect it to have Spatial Audio with enhanced 3D music. 

When you open Apple Music, you will find the heading — “Coming Soon.” Apple wants you to get ready because music can change forever. 

The announcement includes the Apple Music logo that has a spinning effect. It switches back from white on black and black on white. It may suggest that it is going to offer a surround-sound nature. 

Apple Music Lossless Audio Rumors 

Two weeks ago, this site reported that the iPhone maker is preparing to introduce a new HiFi Apple Music tier. And it will happen in the coming weeks. This will also come along with the release of third-generation AirPods. 

The new tier will offer HiFi music treatment that may only cost $9.99 per month. 

Its fierce competitor, Spotify, announced that it will upgrade its sound quality to HiFi so subscribers can listen to their favorite music the way the artists want them to. 

Apple WDC 2021

On June 7, Apple will hold its WDC for this year. Last year, the company didn’t announce any hardware products. But this year, it may include hardware announcements. 

AirPods 3 

The announcement for the new Apple Music tier may be held on May 18. It will be through a press release, instead of the usual show event. 

The date corresponds with Google’s event that may announce the new Google Pixel 6. In that case, it makes sense for Apple to steal its tough competitor’s light by unleashing its big products on the same day as Google’s I/O event. 

What’s the Deal about HiFi? 

This is quite popular and it has been offered by other music streaming services. As mentioned, Spotify is also preparing to lunch it. 

It can be a more expensive premium option. But Apple Music may offer it at no additional charge. 

Will You Get HiFi Audiobooks Too? 

HiFi audio can be a game-changer for Apple Music. And it’s also an exciting feature for those who want to listen to music every day. 

However, if music is covered, will Apple Music offer HiFi audiobooks? 

Audiobooks have a low bitrate. The reason for this is that you only need to hear the human voice. In that case, 64kbps is enough. 

A higher bitrate may be necessary if you are listening to an audiobook with sound effects. 

But if Apple Music offers HiFi audiobooks, it would make audiobooks sound nicer. It would give Apple Music a major competitive advantage. 

If the iPhone maker would market audiobooks to sound the best, it would surely overthrow Audibles and Scribd’s bottom line. The service might start seeing an influx of people. 

It will also help lure more people to buy premium headphones, like AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. That’s why AirPods 3 might also be released along with the Hi-Fi Apple Music tier. 

But it’s also possible that the new earphones might be released later this year.

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