Apple Music and Apple TV Apps are Now Available for Windows 11

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Apple Music and Apple TV apps 


Last year, Microsoft announced that it would bring Apple Music and Apple TV apps to its OS. They will work faster without using a lot of resources. Thanks to the modern technologies used to build them. 

Still in Beta

Today, Windows PC users can download a beta version of Apple Music and Apple TV apps from the Microsoft Store. 

The apps are similar to the apps on macOS. But the interface has been tweaked specifically for Windows. 

When Apple split iTunes’ functionality among four apps in macOS Catalina, Apple terminated the music player. It wasn’t a big deal for Mac users. 

But for Windows users who own large local media libraries, they relied on iTunes. Apple provided minor updates to the app to maintain compatibility with Apple’s services and devices. 

What the Apps Can Do? 

The said apps can handle iTunes music and video functionalities. They also provide access to Apple TV+ and Apple Music subscription services. 

To make local device backups, users can rely on the Apple Devices app. This is also the app to be used to perform any emergency software update or sync local media. 

The Devices app is the one you’ll use if you plug an iDevice, like an iPad into your PC. This same functionality was added to the Finder on macOS. 

You can install any of these apps now. But if you do, you can no longer use iTunes. Thus, if you rely on the said app, you should avoid it for now. Keep in mind that the new apps can’t handle some of the functionalities of iTunes. 

iTunes on Windows can handle two things that the new apps can’t. For instance, iTunes can manage podcasts and audiobooks. Apple didn’t state whether or not Apple Podcasts or Books will be available on Windows. 

You can’t access podcasts and audiobooks on Windows PC until it will release a compatible version of iTunes. In that case, the company is still working on an iTunes Windows version that can run along with the new apps. 

The new apps may also handle the upcoming realityOS of Apple. Apple is reportedly working on the mixed-reality headset. Last month, it was revealed that Apple would call the platform xrOS, which refers to “extended reality.” 

The new headset may be introduced at the spring media event. 

Should You Download the new Apple Apps? 

It depends on what you’re going to use them for. If you still rely on iTunes, then it’s better to wait for a compatible version to arrive. 

Keep in mind that these apps are still in beta. In that case, some of their features may not work properly. That’s why Apple labeled it as a “preview.” 

You may also not see them yet when you visit Microsoft Store because they are still limited to some regions. For now, you can continue using iTunes on your Windows. You may want to wait until the full versions of these apps are available. In that way, you won’t encounter any bugs that will ruin the overall experience. 

Most importantly, if you want to run these apps now, you need a PC running Windows 11. 

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