Apple Launches AR Quick Look to Allow Retailers to Sell Things Directly 

Apple launched an important tool in 2018 that implemented augmented reality perfectly. It was called AR Quick Look. It enables you to tap AR experienced within the app you are using, like Messages, Mail and Safari, and among others. 

Apple Launches AR Quick Look to Allow Retailers to Sell Things Directly 

Apple Launches AR Quick Look to Allow Retailers to Sell Things Directly

New Apple AR Quick Look  

The ARKit aims to make your AR experience into more buying. Home Depot is one of the companies to build links and buttons into the AR tools on iOS. 

Apple announced the added features in June as part of its improvements to its iOS AR toolkit. However, shopping experiences only started to incorporate these features recently. 

What’s great about the AR shopping tools is that they do not need an app. They allow developers to bring a button into the mix. 

For instance, it could trigger an Apple Pay on the spot. It could also start a customer support chat to allow a customer to ask about sizing options. 

With this tool, 3D objects can appear across iOS. Apple will also integrate the audio capability to AR Quick Look. This feature is available in iOS 13 beta. Thus, you can expect to hear audio later this year. 

The new AR shopping add-ons let shopping for something on your Apple device an exciting experience. It will no longer feel like a pop-out experience. It could be a sign that more companies will be using AR to boost their customers’ shopping experience. 

Adding this experience may appear like an insignificant move considering several companies are adding AR to their apps. However, what Apple did is still interesting. Plus, it allows companies to boost their sales as users of their AR tools are likely to purchase their products. 

There are several benefits of AR when it is integrated into the mobile purchasing process. However, AR is only beneficial if it is easy to use and quick. If it is too complicated to use in a way that your grandma cannot comprehend it, then people will drop out. 

For retail brands, incorporating this technology into the customer experience can be a huge investment with big rewards. When you integrate this technology, you are empowering your customers while giving them a more interactive shopping experience. It can also assist your products in standing out from the rest. 

Consumers now prefer stores that provide AR experiences. Then, a great number of consumers will pay more for your products if they get to experience them through AR. Your investment will pay off eventually as more users are engaged with your 3D products using the app. 

With Apple’s AR Tool Kit, brands can bring the in-store experience to consumers’ homes. Their customers do not need to visit their stores just to try something. AR lets them experience the products right in their homes. 

This technology enables brands to extend their reach, which can be valuable. Not all people can visit their shops in person. With AR technology, users can easily see the products they want to purchase up-close to examine them before making a final decision. 

If Apple’s AR Quick Look features would indeed improve sales and return numbers, then we can expect that more major retailers will follow suit.

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