Apple is Reportedly Testing Generative AI Concepts

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Apple wants to Focus on Machine Learning and AI 

ChatGPT’s popularity is growing. More and more tech companies are integrating it into their systems. And, according to the New York Times, Apple is stepping up its game and wants to focus on natural language search processing. 

According to the report, Apple engineers are said to be testing generative AI concepts. Generative language is a massive undertaking for the company. But Siri must be fed a prompt that is found in its database. 

If you ask Siri a question that has not been integrated into its code, it cannot help you. 

A former Apple engineer who spoke to the NYT said that upgrading the data set required rebuilding the entire database. It is a task that could take weeks or months. 

Adding complex features could take Apple a year to complete it. Unfortunately, the engineer does not believe that Siri is capable of providing ChatGPT-like features. 

Amazon and Google did not anticipate the popularity of AI engines. They invested too much in voice assistants which rarely paid off. Because of failed experiments, interest in voice assistants waned

In an interview, Microsoft’s CEO described voice assistants as dumb. He said that newer AI would lead the way. Microsoft has been working with OpenAI. 

It has invested $13 billion in it and incorporated it into its search engine, Bing, and other products. Tech companies are making efforts to make sure that Microsoft will not maintain its lead in this field. 

ChatGPT is a controversial tool. It will continue to disrupt tech and various industries for many years to come. It may improve and simplify tasks. It can also help you get content written faster. 

AI can understand complex topics. It can’t deliver the same care as a well-crafted strategy. 

This tool pulls data from readily available content. Most of it is from Google. But unlike Google, the tool pulls data that it thinks is the most relevant. 

Tech giants are making massive investments in AI R&D. We will see more of its breakthroughs. As we move forward, the benefits and drawbacks of using this tool must still be considered.

Why is it a threat to various industries? 

ChatGPT is a generative AI. It is a large language model that can accurately answer questions in plain English. 

Internet search is the most obvious sector that becomes a victim of AI. But it is not the only one. AI models are increasing exponentially. 

It has become bigger and better. More professions will be deeply affected. 

It may be used in the healthcare sector to help professionals in diagnosing and providing medicines. The ad industry can use it for creative work and customer targeting

When ChatGPT was introduced last year, Facebook also released a similar tool. However, it did not become instantly popular. It was boring. One reason for this is that Meta made sure it was safe for users. It is careful about moderating the content. 

But ChatGPT is not. It can share inaccurate information and allows students to cheat on school tests.

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