Apple iPad 3 or an $8 million iPad 2 – Which will you buy next?

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iPad 2 Gold History Edition

iPad 2 Gold History Edition

If you know who Stuart Hughes is, then you already know what the $8 million iPad 2 is all about already. If not, here’s the geeky part – Stuart Hughes is a British designer who designs Laptops, Plasma TVs, and iPhones all pimped to heights. Stuffed with diamonds, rubies, other gems, Gold, Platinum and what not, their exclusive pieces of gadgets are sold for multi-million prices to billionaires.

Stuart and his wife Katherine and renowned for these products. And this time, they have gone an extra length and brought a dinosaur into it all. Yep, it seems that they have indeed put in a shaped dinosaur bone into the construction of the mobile. The 65-million years old T-Rex’s thigh bone was shaped into a part of the iPad.

The major structure of the iPad is made up of Ammolite, a 75 million years old rock, sourced from Canada.

The iPad is “encrusted with 12.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo with rear section formed again in 24ct gold weighing an immense 2,000 grams” according to the Stuart Hughes website.

If the above facts does not impress you then there is 2000 grams of 24 carat gold making the entire back panel of the iPad and a fine polished 8.5 carat diamond as the Home button.

The Ammolite used is around 750 gms, while the T-Rex bone weighs 57 grams. All in all, a pricey iPad 2. Priced at 5 million pounds or about 8 million dollars, this is one of the most pricey uPad 2′s ever. Only 2 will be sold of this Gold History Edition iPad 2.

These days when there are iPads (2s and 3s) being given for FREE like at this site HERE, i dunno why even millionaires would want to buy them. :)

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