Apple Ditching Physical SIM Card — Why?

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No more extracting a tiny SIM card from a little tray.

iPhone 14 Has No Little Tray for SIM Card 

A SIM card is a unique identifier in a cell phone. It lets you connect your smartphone to wireless networks to text and make calls. 

People change their SIM cards when they switch carrier plans. If you travel internationally, you may use another SIM and a different service provider during the trip. 

However, Apple revealed that its iPhone 14 lineup in the US has no physical SIM cards and trays. Instead, if you want to buy the latest iPhone, you would have to use the digital alternative. 

eSIM is not new to Apple, though. 

It launched in 2018 with the promise to make it easier for you to activate your cellular plans. With eSIM, you can utilize different phone numbers and carriers for the same smartphone. 

At that time, the iPhone still had SIM cards and trays. But when the company introduced the iPhone 14 recently, it doubled down on eSIM by ditching physical SIM cards. 

Apple said that eSIM allows consumers to transfer an existing cellular plan quickly. They can also obtain a new cellular plan digitally. 

It is more secure because no one can take away the physical SIM card if your iPhone is lost or stolen. The FTC also agreed that eSIM has security benefits. 

Bad actors can’t steal a physical SIM card and use it on a different device to access someone’s information. The eSIM can reduce this risk because the bad actors had to steal the phone before they can steal the SIM. 

Ditching the SIM card slot also allows more room for larger batteries. Apple is always trying to make its devices thinner. 

Unfortunately, not all people are happy about Apple’s decision to do away with the SIM card slot. As mentioned, international travelers had to switch out physical SIM cards when they go to different places. They need to use another carrier because they are traveling to places where carriers don’t support eSIMs yet. 

If you’re using a major US network, the absence of a physical SIM tray may not significantly impact how you use this phone. You can easily download an eSIM directly without going to a store. 

However, if you’re on a carrier without eSIM support, then you should not buy the iPhone 14 right now until smaller carriers are on board with eSIMs. But if you’re outside the US, though, the iPhone 14 lineup still has nano-SIM slots. 

Up to 6 eSIMs 

During the iPhone 14 launch, Apple said the new smartphone could store up to 6 eSIMs and you can activate up to two eSIMs at once. The iPhone 14 Pro can hold 8. But previous iPhones could hold up to 10 eSIMs. 

But physical SIMs are still a lot easier to use as you can bring your phone to a different carrier. Although they are easy to lose, they are easy to use and they work on all phones. Removing the SIM tray may not be user-hostile. But it still depends on how easy it is for providers to migrate to eSIMs.

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