Apple considers building high tech gear in the United States

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A facility in Arizona will possibly manufacture data server gear for Apple. But none of this technology will be available for the public



According to a report from the Business Insider, Apple is looking for permission to begin “high-tech manufacturing” in order to build data-center server gear. And a notice that was published by the US federal government confirms Apple’s new plans. The facility for the productions is located in Mesa, Arizona. But don’t expect to see iPhones and iPads to be manufactured in the U.S.

The notice reads:

“Apple Inc has repurposed the site as a global data command center that will conduct high-tech manufacturing of finished data center cabinets for other data centers.”

If this actually happens Apple would be one of the few US tech companies that build and assemble a finished product inside the country. Many companies have some of their products manufactured outside the United States, in order to cut down costs on labor. Also, back in October the company hired services technicians, managers, engineers, and other professionals to start working at the Arizona facility. Also the finished product will be available only for internal work and not for the consumers.

According to the notification:

“The nature of the product is not for end users but for other global data centers what will be supported from the site.”

As for the product itself, the servers, will be manufactured and shipped from Mesa, Arizona to other data centers. And that is confirmed by the document which reads that the product will be shipped domestically and exported and that the manufacturing facility will “utilize personnel with extensive education and allow Apple to offer best in class data support.”
In addition the production could add some other parts and materials such as “server housing and enclosures” and “routers and network switches.”

“On its domestic sales, Apple would be able to choose the duty rate during customs entry procedures that applies to finished server assembly cabinets (duty-free) for the foreign-status materials/components noted below and in the existing scope of authority.”

According to a report from The Information, Apple spent some time on the design of its own servers, because the company wanted to make sure that the hardware is secure.

Maybe Apple is thinking about domestic productions on other products too, but wouldn’t this plan raise up the prices? Is it better to keep things in a distance or keep them close to home?

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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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