Apple chipmaker TSMC to make 3nm chips in new Arizona plant

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Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC is reportedly planning to make 3nm chips with advanced technology. It would be produced in Arizona, but the plans have yet to finalize, said the company’s founder Morris Chang earlier today.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) is a major Apple supplier and the world’s largest contract chipmaker. It is constructing a $12 billion plant in Arizona.

Chang spoke to reporters in Taipei after the APEC summit in Thailand. He said the 3nm-producing plant would be at the same Arizona site as its 5nm plant.

“Three-nanometre, TSMC right now has a plan, but it has not been completely finalised,” said Chang. He has has retired from TSMC, but he remains important to TSMC and the chip industry.

“It has almost been finalised – in the same Arizona site, phase two. Five-nanometre is phase one, 3-nanometre is phase two.”

TSMC is Asia’s most valuable listed company. It said earlier this month that it was building on a site for a potential second fabrication plant in Arizona, but it had not arrived on a final decision.

The company will have a “tool-in” ceremony in Arizona this Dec. 6.

Chang would be attending. He would be joined by TSMC customers and suppliers and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

He said that US President Joe Biden has been invited. But he didn’t confirm if he would be going.

Taiwan has a dominant position as chipmaker for cellphones and cars to fighter jets. This raises concerns that the world is too reliant on an island with ties to China.

China has been ramping up military pressure in the region to assert its sovereignty claims.

The United States and Europe are giving billions in incentives to lure companies and make chips in their regions.

Chang says people are now aware of how important chips are.

“There are a lot of jealous people, jealous of Taiwan’s excellent chip manufacturing,” he said.

“So there are also a lot of people who for various reasons, whether it is for national security or making money, hope to manufacture more chips in their countries.” Chang said that in his meetings at the APEC Summit many countries asked him if TSMC can make chips in their countries.

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