App Store Developers to Offer Subscription Discounts

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Apple Contingent Pricing for Subscriptions 

Apple announced its pilot program that lets App Store developers offer discounts for their customers with multiple subscriptions. The program is called contingent pricing for subscriptions will let developers decide on the subscription. This will open partnerships between different companies. 

The discounts can be used in the app itself or in the App Store ad or marketing outside of the app. 

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“We’re very proud to have worked on Contingent Pricing support on the App Store! This is the kind of feature that really provides value to App Store developers: we handle all the eligibility checks and commerce work to allow for seamless in-app purchases in your own apps, and also Apple-provided flows to subscribe and download in one step directly from email links or the App Store – to allow you to discount your services based on other apps in the App Store.”

Great for Indie Developers

This program is useful for indie developers. They can promote their work by providing their customers with discounts on subscriptions on bundles for their apps. 

The earnings of Apple App Store developers vary widely. There are various key considerations. One is the type of app and the category it falls into. For instance, gaming apps often generate higher revenue compared to other categories. 

Then, the monetization strategy chosen by the developer is crucial. Whether the app is free with in-app purchases, a paid app, or an ad-supported can affect earnings. 

The number of users downloading and using the app can also play a significant role. The apps with a large and engaged user base have the potential to earn more. 

It is also important to consider the level of competition in the app’s category. It greatly affects its visibility and potential for downloads. If you are an app developer, you may need to amp up your marketing efforts if you are in highly competitive markets. 

Furthermore, app earnings can vary based on the geographical location of users. Different regions may have different spending habits and app preferences. 

High-quality apps that provide a positive user experience are more likely to be successful. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can contribute to higher earnings. 

It is important to note that Apple takes a 30% commission on app sales and in-app purchases. But the percentage is lower for certain services. Developers can receive 70% of the app’s purchase price or in-app purchase price, and Apple takes the remaining 30%. 

Apple, however, does not disclose individual developers’ earnings publicly. Developers can track their earnings through their Connect portal which provides detailed financial reports. 

The earnings of developers can range from modest amounts to substantial revenue. They still depend on the factors mentioned above. Successful developers often have a combination of a well-designed app, effective marketing strategies, and ongoing support and updates. 

The contingent pricing for subscriptions may help developers encourage more subscribers. It may also be Apple’s way to help developers make the most money for their efforts. Soon, Apple will let third-party app stores. 

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