Apache Officially Declares OpenOffice As New Project

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Nonprofit Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has declared publicly that OpenOffice will now be an Apache Project.

Apache Officially Declares OpenOffice As New Project - Apache Software Foundation, OpenOffice, LibreOfficeAccording to a post on the official ASF blog, the project, now dubbed as Apache Openoffice.org, will undergo development in a “meritocratic process informally dubbed The Apache Way.”

Last week, OpenOffice.org published a press release statement titled “Open-Source Software Defends Itself Against Looming Shut-Down,” a straight-from-the-shoulder method of saying that it will accept donations.

During Oracle Corp’s early acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the OpenOffice productivity suite was the primary rival of Microsoft Office.

Oracle, however, inconsistently supported OpenOffice, which forked a new project called LibreOffice

LibreOffice had drawn many developers such that its first year was a successful run, with many Linux distributions hanging up OpenOffice for LibreOffice.

The slew of events eventually led to Oracle handing over the already damaged OpenOffice to the ASF.

ASF is still confident that OpenOffice can brave through the tempest for its developers and users using The Apache Way.

For now, LibreOffice is picking up the pace as the primary competitor for Microsoft Office.


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