Announcing Apple’s “Time Flies” Event on September 15 

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But it may not focus on iPhone 12. 

Announcing Apple’s “Time Flies” Event on September 15 

Last month, Apple leaked an event date on its YouTube channel. The leak stated that its yearly event will be on September 10. However, in the recent invitations sent out to the press, the company confirmed that the event will be on September 15. 

The invite was cryptic as no details were given, other than the event will be held at Apple Park and everyone can watch it at No other details about what products to be launched. 

However, Apple is rumored to introduce a lineup of hardware. These would include the new Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, HomePod, and over-ear headphones. 

Why Time Flies? 

The tagline for the said event is Time Flies. It means that it’s likely for Apple to focus on its new Apple Watch, which is Series 6. 

Apple Watch Series 6 will have a blood oxygen monitoring feature. It will also equip with improved sleep tracking and a faster processor. 

The company still sells the Series 3 model but it may announce during the event its cheaper replacement. 

Why Apple May Not Focus on iPhone 12? 

We usually see new iPhones in September. However, the pandemic forced Apple’s suppliers in China to stop operating. If they did operate, it was in a limited capacity. 

Because of that, it affected the company’s inventory. It may also affect its sales. Furthermore, the company closed its retails stores in the US. Some have now reopened but still in a limited capacity. 

In July, Apple warned its investors that its new flagship phones will be delayed. The company stated that it would see strong sales from its other product categories because of the back-to-school season. These other products are still relevant given the current pandemic situation. 

Nevertheless, the September Time Flies event may still reveal the next-generation iPhone models. But the units will only be available at a later time. 

As to how it will be presented, Apple didn’t clarify it. Thus, we can only conjecture that it may be streamed live or pre-filmed. 

We can expect the event to also debut its iPad Model. It can be a 10.8-inch iPad. It may have slimmer bezels but with a larger display. 

The overall design will be taken from the iPad Pro grange. It will lose its front-mounted Home button with Touch ID. Instead, the Touch ID will be on the power button. 

The company may also get rid of the Lighting port and replace it with a USB-C connection. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 will include a new casing. It will be plastic so it can be used by kids. 

Regarding the iPhone 12, we can expect it to have widgets, picture-in-picture, and app libraries as additional features. According to various rumors, it may have 3D depth-sensing through its rear cameras. Since Samsung released its 5G phones this year, Apple is likely to add 5G connectivity. 

We can also expect to see ARM-powered Apple silicon Macs. But no actual details yet. We’ll just have to wait when September 15 comes to finally find out the truth.

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