Android M is Marshmallow as Announced on Monday

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Google’s Android next version will be named Marshmallow, according to the company’s blog.

Android M is Marshmallow as Announced on Monday

Android M is Marshmallow as Announced on Monday


That said, it’s no longer called Android M. Following its announcement on Monday, the company also erected a statue of marshmallow at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. For months, Google kept this latest name under wraps, even during the developer conference last May.

Although the name wasn’t revealed at that time, the company did unveil the latest mobile operating system’s capabilities. Google said that new OS has a new way to request user permission.  

New Way of Requesting User Permission

With the latest OS, Marshmallow can ask for access to certain features, like location information and microphone. That is, if they are needed.

Those developers using Android 6.0’s beta version will get an updated version, including the number of changes. However, Google made sure that the changes are just minor alterations so they won’t affect the projects of those developers, if there are any.

The changes will also include those bigger updates, such as the finalized user interface in requesting new permissions, as mentioned earlier. Then, the company also made changes to its functionality on fingerprint recognition.

Apart from the software development kit, Google also released Android Support Library allowing developers to provide the features included in Marshmallow. Despite that, the kit will remain backwards-compatible with the older versions of Android.

The Play Store of Google has been updated as well. This is to accept apps that utilize the latest Android Support Library. In this way, developers can begin submitting applications they have built that are compatible with the latest OS – Marshmallow.

Google suggests to developers that they must first deploy a beta version of their apps before they even provide the full version of their apps. Then again, developers will still have the option to provide its users apps’ that are compatible with Marshmallow.

Consumers, on the other hand, will have to wait before they can download the latest Android OS. It is said to come out this fall. Manufacturers of smartphones and mobile carriers will also have to wait before this latest OS will be available for their phones.

The latest OS may be near its final state but Google discourages consumers to install it into their devices. Remember that doing so will erase and restore their devices to obtain the updates of the latest OS.

The announcement of Marsmallow came out just a month before Apple is said to be hosting a press event, where the company is expected to announce its latest iPhone operating system – the iOS9.

Sweet Treat Nicknames

The latest mobile operating system of Android – Marshmallow – is the latest in the long list of sweet treat names used by Google. They go in an alphabetical order. The list will include Kit Kat, Ice Cream Sandwich, and so on and so forth.

Although it’s not yet clear when the latest OS will come out, the unveiling of the name is a signal that Marshmallow is getting close to being launched.

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